St Mary’s Startrails

Al and I headed over to St Mary's Church to catch some star trails. The front was quite well-lit, and Al managed to make a good picture out of it. I headed around the back to find something that was not so bright. This was still flood-lit but not as much. This is made from 23 exposures, ranging from two minutes to four minutes each, totalling 65 minutes. Around 11.30pm, the floodlights were turned off so I was able to bump up the exposure to four minutes. The stacking method used (lighten) meant the brightest exposure won out.

Transmission Line Star Trails

This picture is a total exposure of 1 hr 44 mins. The location has the transmission towers for foreground interest, but also has a lot of interfering lights. I set up the camera and intervelometer, then hid away in the car, checking periodically. I was actually out there for half an hour more than this, but the battery seems to have died shortly after the 1h44m mark. I spent several hours over two days editing and pondering about the final effect. This is plainly overprocessed, and is not a realistic picture by any measure. I think there's perhaps a bit too much going on here, however it does fit in with the recent theme of light painting. Since my lens hood has not yet arrived from HK, I blutacked some black cardboard to the side of the lens, though that only helped with the side flare.

Queens Park Startrails

This is composed of 26 x 4 minute exposures (kept shooting until the battery ran out). Shot from the lookout at Queens Park, facing south. I checked the BOM before heading out this time.

Beachmere Startrails

Same spot as last photo. Out of 150 photos (30" exposures, no delay between each exposure), only the first 15 and last 19 shots + darkframe were usable. The middle 116 photos had too many clouds and couldn't be used. Effectively you could consider this to be a 19 shot startrail, because there was such a big gap between the two sets that they are not connected at all. These were assembled in StarStax, which seems to be more advanced than the Startrails program I was using before. Same result though for this application. I did use a darkshot this time (30" exposure with lens cap on) to remove noise - it was super effective. (Recap: Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots.)

Project365 [362/365]: Bug Trails

This is a floodlight lighting up St Mary's Church at Wood End. (I was actually here to take some photos of the church itself; I will head back and photograph it properly tomorrow.) In a similar vein to star trails, I set the camera to continuous 30-second exposures and sat down to read for a bit.

Project365 [313/365]: First Star Trail

I've been reading up on star trails for about a month now, and planning out what style (single exposure or composite), location (I thought our place at Ipswich would have too much light pollution - apparently not), and other such details. I wasn't expecting this test shot to be much of anything, but it turned out alright. It is a composite of 88 x 30-second exposures, combined in Startrails.