Surfers Paradise Light Streaks

From our apartment, I shot this out the window. Using the camera's multi-shot mode, this was 15x10 second shots, stacked with Starstax.

Ipswich Show Bees

The bee exhibit at the show. I shot this against mesh - close enough and wide enough, the mesh is invisible.

Bundamba Demolition Site

This is the former site of some industrial buildings at Bundamba. Bunnings has bought the entire block. Wandering home from the train station after a night out, I put my camera through the fence to snap these nine images. They are stitched together using Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor).

RSPCA Lindsey Dog

Lindsey seemed a very anxious dog, and was both intrigued by and scared of Evelyn.


We took Evelyn to visit the RSPCA and see the animals. Here, the dogs that jump up are the ones that are rewarded by visitors with pats.

Googly Mop

Some bearded cleaning equipment with googly eyes.

The New Yorker

Seen on my morning run, this is a slightly run-down apartment building in the city. I don't know if the bikes are a permanent fixture, but I approve.

Mushroom Mushroom!

While walking Evelyn to childcare, we spotted these small mushrooms growing in the grass. There were more further on as well.


This is a rusted car shell sitting outside a shed at Goodna, which I ride or run past on my way to work.

Ipswich Show Crowd & Ferris Wheel

Ipswich show, crowds on a Saturday night. One of my first long exposures with this camera, and there's a lot to learn and think about for next time. There's two ways to get a shake-free long exposure with this camera: self-timer or use the wifi remote control and smartphone app. I've not had much success with the latter, but I suspect my home wifi was crowding it out. For this shot, I went with the former - the self-timer. The RX100 has a few modes. One I employed this night is the Self-Timer Continuous, which will wait10 seconds, then take 5 photos in a row with no further intervention. I've used this for group portraits as well, but tonight I was using it to stack photos together - or take 5 and pick the best. Only downside to this is there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it - I managed to lock the camera up and had to take the battery out. That happens.

Five Day Quest #3: My Morning Run

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. I like to run. I prefer to run in the mornings, as I have no set commitments between 4 and 8am, and I don't really need to be awake to run. I set this up by putting the camera on the ground, setting a 10-second timer and a 2.5 second exposure. About half-way into the exposure, I jumped into shot and held until the shutter closed. +David Hill, tag - you're it.

Five Day Quest #2: My Lunch

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. I like to eat food, and this is what was going on today. I tried a selfie at the markets, and brought the DSLR out of retirement to use its nice wide-angle lens. However I have re-discovered that it's a heavy bastard which makes selfies difficult. +Andrew Chalk, I tag YOU to join in.

Five Day Quest #1: My Workspace

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. This kinda ties in with my One Second Per Day video - yes, my video today is of me doing this shot. I set up the tripod and triggered three x 5 second exposures of myself using the remote shutter. +Mick Porter you are the only other photographer that I know on G+, so TAG, YOU'RE IT.

Ipswich Show Spinning Ride

This ride did a lot of moving, so I thought to take some long exposures and stack them together. That didn't work out, but this is one of the 10-second exposures that was going to go into that composition. This is the darkest part of the ride, and people are being spun around on the arms.

Casio F-91W Drowns

I love these watches, and I've wanted one ever since primary school (when this was a new design). Thanks to the buying power of the internet, they are cheap! So now I've bought one... water resistant - sweet! So the first one drowned, and I bought another one. That one (pictured) drowned too. Alas, it is water resistant only for "everyday use". This means it can take a splash. It does NOT meant you can take it swimming at the beach. I have now invested in a slightly less awesome-looking Casio W-202, which is rated to 50m. (What I'd really love is one that looks like the F-91W but can take a swim.)

The Explorer

Ethan was exploring the kitchen, quiet as a mouse.

Surfers Paradise Parade #5/6

Surfers Paradise Festival parade. This was part of a group of people in motorised bathtubs. They obviously inspired by Mario Kart, but different enough to avoid corporate bad things.

Surfers Paradise Parade #3/6

Surfers Paradise Festival parade. There were lots of these great lantern designs. Got down low to catch this one from below.

News and Current Affairs

Shot on my riding odyssey. As I understand it, the service road (which the bike path runs along) used to be the highway. This sign would have been visible to people commuting between Brisbane and Gold Coast. My memory of back then was that there wasn't anything of note between Beenleigh and Helensvale - just bushland. Now it's developed and built-up the whole way.

Beach Bike Selfie

Just before setting off on my Surfers Paradise to Ipswich ride (106km), I sat and watched the beach for a bit. This is a still frame taken from video, for my One Second Per Day project.

Boogie Boarding

I took the water camera and my fisheye 0.42x filter into the surf for some boogie boarding fun. The surf was rough and I lost the filter when I got dumped off a wave (that was a risk I knowingly took), but I got the shot (and video) I wanted anyway. This is a still from video, and was taken after I lost the fisheye filter.