Five Day Quest #5: My Family (and breakfast)

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. Saturday morning, Lui and Evelyn making pancakes. Doesn't get better than this. +Anthony Lau, if you are still around, tag - you're it!

Five Day Quest #4: My Little Girl

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. I work from home two days out of five, and these are opportunities for me to take Evelyn to childcare and pick her up. Since it's only a short distance, we usually walk, ride or scoot. +Steve Photoman Hayes - tag, you're it.


At Louise's BBQ/picnic at Southbank, it was late and the kids were running slightly amok. Evelyn loves it when I spin her around like this.


We took Evelyn to see 'Frozen' at the cinema, a movie that ticks enough boxes. Second time at the cinema for Evelyn and first time since she became a self-aware neural network. The big screen and loud noises scared her enough that we had to carry her out a few times and ended up missing the end. Also a harsh lesson that not everything can be paused like PVR and Netflix. No, we can't go back and watch the rest - it finished without us.


Chasing Evelyn around at the water park, with the waterproof camera. For this one, it metered incorrectly and overexposed, but that turned out to be great.

Steam Train Evelyn

We went for a steam train ride with Evelyn's best friend Jarrod, and his family. This train goes from Bundamba to Swanbank and back. We had a picnic at Swanbank.

A Very Al BBQ

Al and Karryn hosted a BBQ and all the kids came along. Much relaxing fun was had by all. Their house is very child-safe, which meant I could relax as well.

Happy Birthday Evelyn

Happy Birthday Evelyn! Childcare day, and Lui made her a big lot of cupcakes to share with her friends. First attempt at a (on purpose) low contrast snap-shot type look.

Lachlan Under Lights

Lachlan was breathing out mist, which didn't show up on the camera. The camera flare is typical of the iPhone with direct light pointed at it.

Amazing LPG prices

Evelyn loves the big bright sign. LPG prices may never be this low again. Instagram filter has had minor effect/almost can't tell the difference. Low-cost camera sensors are generally oversensitive to red.

Damper Dough Fingers

Before heading out for the day, Evelyn and I made some damper. We ate most of it fresh out of the oven, then pocketed the rest to have for lunch. I set the the camera up on the bench, prefocused, then set it to grab 5 exposures in a row.


Switchbricks is a great place for the kids where they can go nuts with lego. There's so much of it, plus a ramp to race lego cars down and a duplo area. Awesome! See:

Evelyn and Caterpillar

We found a caterpillar in the lettuce and Evelyn was fascinated. This is for this week's get pushed challenge. My challenge this week was from @spankyjane to depict an expression of emotion. This photo just happened anyway but the challenge is very difficult!

The Caterpillar Line

Mark and I were taking the girls bike riding when they spotted this line of hairy caterpillars. At least they listened to our warnings not to touch.

Gramps and Evelyn

We visited Lui's grandfather and here he is with Evelyn walking back to the car.

Shoes on

Thought it would be fine to walk on the grass in bare feet. Then we remembered we were at the Gold Coast. Shoes on please.

Ray of Sunshine

I was just snapping Evelyn opening the door for herself, and the ray of sunlight did the rest for me.

Evelyn and Flare

This was at Evelyn's birthday party. I was shooting low and into the sun, with a partial Evelyn eclipse.

Geodesic Pool

This is Evelyn looking into a pool of geodesic infinity. I've always loved the geodesic dome at the botanical gardens. We took a day trip up to see some flowers and some cakes. In this picture, Evelyn is leaning over the edge and trying to go for a swim. Out of frame is Lui holding on to Evelyn so she doesn't go and further, and quietly urging me to hurry the up with taking my photo.

Friends on the Stairs

BBQ at Russell and Patti's place, and I was practicing using Russell's camera as a second body for shooting his wedding the following week. Ally is a little bit older than Evelyn, and they ran all over the yard together.


Deanna gave the three kids a bath - thanks Deanna! The kids enjoyed themselves. Trivia: Conor said that Nicholas would have been named Evelyn, had he been born a girl.


This is Evelyn's expression: ಠ_ಠ Evelyn was playing about on the motorised toy things while Lui was shopping. Evelyn's not been on one of these when there was money in it, and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Evelyn Bakes

Bec came by to visit. Lui made scones, and once we'd eaten most of them, Evelyn decided to get creative with the cream and jam. I was mucking around with a new iPhone app called Pudding Camera.

Evelyn and Mika

While mucking around at the summit, Evelyn made friends with a little dog named Mika. She also wanted to make friends with a chocolate labrador but by the time I got through asking its owner if it was okay with kids, Evelyn had already run off.


It has been raining for a week since we dug out around this palm tree. Given the flow of water in our yard (including illegal runoff from next door), this has turned into an instant muddy river, perfect for kiddies. Ended up going through two sets of clothes (and two showers), and a huge amount of mud through everything! Worth it.

Beardy Self Portrait

Usually when I have a holiday, I grow a beard to mark the occasion. This is 2.5 weeks worth and marks the first time I've grown a beard that joined up. Amazing.

Evelyn the Conjurer

We headed out to Laidley for the night, and blew some bubbles for Evelyn to chase around. I had planned to shoot some star trails from the lookout on the ridge. It was the first cloudy night for two weeks. Will try again next time we head out there.

Fire Alarm

After being asleep for what seemed like two seconds, the alert and then evacuation tones sounded and we had to walk down the stairs. The firies turned up very quickly, investigated, then turned off the alarm. Amelia slept through the whole thing, and Evelyn was calm and relaxed, and ended up going straight back to sleep again once we were back in the apartment. Now Lui has said that if we go to live in an apartment at the beach, she wants to live on one of the lower floors. This is not so good for the view, but does make walking down the stairs easier. Lui also noted that it was mostly people with kids who evacuated. A lot of other people just stood on their balconies, for shame. Mark and I had a number of drinks before hitting the hay - lucky we hadn't had any more!

Sleepy Time

The kids going to sleep in front of Peppa Pig. It was way past bed time.