Sleeping Cat

Our cat statue doing what cat statues do best. Napping under a freshly trimmed lemongrass tree. This is a 2011 project365 reject shot (I had another shot lined up for the day). I put this in the ideas factory to try to re-shoot later, but the lemongrass never looked quite this good again.


An old gasworks in Newstead. This will eventually be torn down for apartments. Fisheye used to get this all in frame as I was shooting through a fence. This is a 2011 project365 reject shot (I had another shot lined up for the day). I put this in the ideas factory to try to re-shoot later, but never returned to this spot.

My Own Easter Egg Hunt

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. Easter egg hunt at Nana's place. I placed the camera behind the broms but the girls would not stand still for a second, and certainly not in frame, so I posed by myself.

Selfie SOOC in the City

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. This is a spot between some buildings in the city where I balanced the camera up on my hat, set the self-timer and posed a bit. Passers-by were amused.


Early in the mornings, the perspex walls of the payphone cubicle are fogged up. At any time of day, the petrol station has a very bright priceboard. Combine the two and here we are.

Double Exposure: Police and Graffiti

THIS is what I had in mind when I went searching for double exposure opportunities. One is the Queensland Police HQ on Roma Street, the other is a graffiti covered wall at Bundamba.

Drain Graffiti

Alan and Mick invited me to a drain in Brisbane's south... for light painting. Final shot for the night: Alan set up his four LED lights pointing at the grafitti. Mick set his camera for long exposure, and I sat to the right copying his steps and settings, but with a different angle and lens.

Beardy Self Portrait

Usually when I have a holiday, I grow a beard to mark the occasion. This is 2.5 weeks worth and marks the first time I've grown a beard that joined up. Amazing.

Roma Street Waterfall #2

This is similar to the last photo, but much closer to the action. Because of the spray from the water hitting the ground, many of the photos did not work out. I also had to keep moving the camera to dry it out, which mucked up the composition (can't compose easily with an R72 filter on the front - it's point and guess).

Project365 [347/365]: Infrared Bike

I saw this scene from the train [yesterday], and thought I could make something of it. I rode my bike there and stacked all of my filters together (NIR R72, polariser and fisheye macro) and set the smallest aperture possible (f/29) to get the longest NIR exposure that I could. The bike being in the way started out as laziness, later became a feature. My cable release is stuffed - I spend more time jiggling it than exposing photos. I paid way too much for it ($10), many years ago. I'm hoping I can find a good $2 replacement from HK/CN.

Project365 [345/365]: Infrared Ferry

I have found my water scene, though it is still the Brisbane River, just 35km downstream at Ipswich. I have also wanted to try stacking the infrared filter with the fisheye filter. It seems to have worked. After processing, this photo looks to me like an old slide where the red dye has faded away. I wasn't planning to do light trails, but it worked out nicely that way.

Project365 [330/365]: Flying a Kite

At the SEQ 365ers meetup, Mick Porter (@pizzaboy) brought along his kite and aerial photography kit. I flew the kite for a bit while Mick got the camera together, but there ended up being not quite enough wind to carry the weight of the camera. I had fun though! The meetup was great, and I met a whole heap of new people - @brizmako, @kjarn, @pizzaboy, @mozette, and many others.

Project365 [317/365]: Snail House

Lui put down some snail bait that, instead of poisoning them (and therefore anything that eats them), just increases their iron levels to a point that they don't feel like eating any more. When planting pumpkin seeds, I accidentally uncovered where they all crawled to die. This is inside a besa brick. I placed the fisheye inside, rested against a side and shot some bracketed exposures, intending to do HDR. In the end, it wasn't necessary.

Project365 [316/365]: Rip it Up

Having been quoted $15k to fix some rotten wood in our verandah, we've decided to do part of it ourselves. The quote was a worst case quote, on the assumption that everything had to be replaced. Lui has taken the mallet to it and found 1 inch of rotten wood and otherwise perfect planks. Early days yet. I put the camera quite close to the action and the lens was sprayed with debris, but worth it.

Project365 [298/365]: Fine!

Brisbane provides free parking for motorbikes. They park on the footpath in specific bays but the bays fill up quickly so the latecomers just park outside the bays, as you do.

Project365 [297/365]: Tarball

Yesterday Lui and I dug up two shrubs. They had been in there a long time and what is pictured here was all underground. I did some mattocking and Lui did the digging and levering. This is what I picture when I think 'tarball'.

Project365 [293/365]: Ultrawide Vacant Lot

This is the vacant lot from last week, but after talking with Alan Warren about shooting it ultra-wide, I thought I'd give it a go myself. This is taken with the fisheye filter, then stretched out in Lightroom.

Project365 [275/365]: Train Cab

The Workshops Rail Museum had a free-entry weekend so we popped over for a look. This photo was taken on a tour of the steam train workshops. Not long after this, there was a spewpocalypse - the kind where it was better for all concerned that we just packed up and went home to hose everything off.

Project365 [270/365]: Bacardi and Dinner

I set up the tripod next to Bacardi's dinner table and attached the cable release. I gave Bacardi the dinner with one hand and snapped the shutter with the other.

Project365 [235/365]: The Old Windmill, Brisbane

I never get tired of taking distorted photos of things. (That's an exaggeration; I didn't take any for over a year.) This is The Old Windmill in Spring Hill, apparently the oldest (European) structure still standing in Queensland, built in 1828.

Project365 [234/365]: Backpacking Statue

This is a statue / sculpture near work that I've been meaning to get over and photograph for a while. My challenge was to photograph it in such a way that all of the elements were included (including the antlers in the backpack) without it being just a straight on shot.

Project365 [233/365]: A Trip To The Tip

I set the camera up with my tripod and cable release, and set it to continuously shoot while I went around and emptied the trailer. I had planned the shot so that the tripod would be on the ground on the passenger side of the car. After some morning rain, the ground was rather muddy so I opted to put the tripod on the car roof instead.

Project365 [225/365]: Golf Day

Mark found some vouchers for a cheap golf day, so the four of us (Mark, Shawn, Simon and myself) went down during amateur hour and hacked up the place. I had planned to use my mini tripod and cable release but when it came to actually getting shots, it was a case of jump in there, snap, get away before I got clobbered.

Project365 [222/365]: Post Office Square Stairs

I have only recently discovered the wonder of Post Office Square, and I love its hustle and bustle. I've been checking out photo ops around the place (and there are many). For this particular one, my intention was to grab a shot using the fisheye, which included people sitting at tables down below, and people sitting in the park above. Once I actually tried to execute the picture, it became fairly obvious that that wasn't going to be possible (with my equipment and vantage point anyway). The circular staircase was going to be a feature anyway, so I changed tack a little bit and shot this one. There is an unintentional pun in the title of this picture/post.