Project365 [225/365]: Golf Day

Mark found some vouchers for a cheap golf day, so the four of us (Mark, Shawn, Simon and myself) went down during amateur hour and hacked up the place. I had planned to use my mini tripod and cable release but when it came to actually getting shots, it was a case of jump in there, snap, get away before I got clobbered.

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Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Damper Dough Fingers

Before heading out for the day, Evelyn and I made some damper. We ate most of it fresh out of the oven, then pocketed the rest to have for lunch. I set the the camera up on the bench, prefocused, then set it to grab 5 exposures in a row.

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Ant Farmers

These are ants that are farming aphids. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

Project365 [103/365]: Autumn

[2011-04-13] They actually have an autumn down here! We are staying at Mt Dandenong with Chalk and Laura. It's very pretty here.

Project365 [307/365]: Speaker

This is the external speaker on our cordless phone base station. I cropped out all the bits that make it look like anything. This was a go-to image for me since my main idea for the day didn't work out.

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Project365 [075/365]: Calm Singapore

[2011-03-16] A nice calm scene, along the river nearish to Clarke Quay. This was adjacent to a sign forbidding riding of bikes under the bridge (with the threat of a S$1000 fine). I tried to brave through the tummy bug, but I ended up crying like a baby and sitting down/doubling over a lot.

Look Down Look Up Train

This is another idea from the internet: #lookdownlookup. This is taking a photo looking forward, and looking down at your feet.

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Evelyn the Conjurer

We headed out to Laidley for the night, and blew some bubbles for Evelyn to chase around. I had planned to shoot some star trails from the lookout on the ridge. It was the first cloudy night for two weeks. Will try again next time we head out there.

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Project365 [011/365]: Flood Rising

I headed in to work, but things deteriorated rapidly and I scooted back home at 9.30. This was taken between Goodna and Redbank, a low-lying area that floods easily. Now we have packed up, ready for evacuation, and are keeping an eye on the flood waters. Apparently the water reached the bottom of our street in the '74 floods, and we are a few metres above that. Then again, this flood is predicted to be a few metres above 1974 anyway. We shall see. As at 10.00pm, the evac centre is full but we could drive to higher ground and wait it out in the car if needed.

Project365 [245/365]: Not-shy Spider

There are a lot of spiders in the shelter at the station, and I was getting up and friendly with one that I had spotted a few days earlier. As it turns out, it was either asleep or dead. Its neighbour wasn't so dead and started getting a bit aggressive, so I did what any smart individual would do and got 2cm away with the macro lens. I wasn't aiming so much (I wasn't getting my face that close) so this was a mis-focus but I think it gives the impression it was moving towards me (which it wasn't at this point).

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Googly Student

More googly mayhem. I have blutak and a bag of these eyes in my backpack - watch out world!

Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Project365 [317/365]: Snail House

Lui put down some snail bait that, instead of poisoning them (and therefore anything that eats them), just increases their iron levels to a point that they don't feel like eating any more. When planting pumpkin seeds, I accidentally uncovered where they all crawled to die. This is inside a besa brick. I placed the fisheye inside, rested against a side and shot some bracketed exposures, intending to do HDR. In the end, it wasn't necessary.

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Evelyn and Flare

This was at Evelyn's birthday party. I was shooting low and into the sun, with a partial Evelyn eclipse.

Project365 [082/365]: First Day at Childcare

[2011-03-23] Evelyn's first day at childcare today. One significant aspect of this photo was cropped out - the other kids (the guys did ask me not to photograph the other kids - fair enough). After a bit of a false start, she went to play with the toys.. and in the afternoon I think she took a while to remember who we were.

Project365 [079/365]: White Tiger

[2011-03-20] For our last full day in Singapore, we went to Singapore Zoo. During the day we went to the normal zoo, and after dark we went to the night safari. We had also planned to visit the bird park but the bus didn't show up. As it turns out, the driver probably skipped our stop - or possibly the entire route. In the end, it meant we had a more relaxing day, spreading our time over two parks rather than three.

Project365 [193/365]: Smiley cookies by Lui

Lui baked some smiley face cookies and wanted me to take a photo for her portfolio. I stood on a chair to take the shot (due to the way our kitchen is laid out, this also gets me out of the light path). Lui's laptop happened to be on the table so I moved it in to the frame rather than out, and Lui had the idea of putting the piping bag in as well to complete the story. The laptop and the cooling trays are both half out-of-frame to

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Entrance Under Construction

The front area to 300 Ann St is being upgraded, and part of it is this pretty spiffy dome feature. The rest is still in progress.

Project365 [138/365]: Full Moon Morning

[2011-05-18] Full moon, 6am at Booval. I wasn't prepared for such a view of the moon while walking to the train station in the morning, and had to hop back home to fetch the long lens in order to capture this.

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Story Bridge Panorama

This is a 23-shot panorama from the park under the Story Bridge. I rode over from work during my lunch break, with my camera and tripod strapped on, and shot this as quickly as I could before riding back. I used Hugin to process this, and it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped (see post processing comments).

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Project365 [010/365]: Shoreline Maintenance

[2011-01-10] A day off work today, we drove around and ran errands - visiting businesses that aren't open at weekends. We stopped at West End and saw council dumping boulders in the river. They say it's to maintain the shoreline. These efforts are being confounded by the flooding river - every time a CityCat went past, waves washed over the path. This photo was processed using the ol' dodge and burn tools (AKA adjustment overlays) in Lightroom. See if you can spot the edges!

Googly Backpacker

Backpacking reindeer has the wanderlust and goes googly-eyed when visiting new places.

Project365 [014/365]: Flooded Maccas

[2011-01-14] As we've been without power for a few days, we've been staying at Shawn & Rachael's at Goodna. Here, the floods were much worse than at Booval. This Maccas went completely under water. Waking up, feeling seedy after bourbons, the Maccas run was not an available option.

Valley Shops

Back of a row of shops in the Valley. I wonder if people live there as well - it seems that it would be most unpleasant.

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Purga Servo #2/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)

Queens Park Orb #2

After an evening of unsuccessful drain exploring (and really wet shoes), Al and I headed for Queens Park and he did some light painting. I am taking notes. This is a greenhouse at Queens Park. Alan lightpainted with blue and green strobes, orange torch and the red orb. The moon was quite bright tonight, so moonlight overpowered most of the added light.

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Double Exposure: Church and Tree

I have been reading up on double-exposures recently, and wanted to try it out for myself. This is the first one I've tried, and the first time I've combined the new 15-85mm lens with the 0.42x macro filter. The result of combining these two images is not quite what I expected, but now that I sit back and think about it, it is what I was *planning* in my head. It's got a big touch of the "80s special effects" about it - instead of a blend of two images, this is quite plainly one image pasted on top of another.

Purga Servo #1/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)

Project365 [362/365]: Bug Trails

This is a floodlight lighting up St Mary's Church at Wood End. (I was actually here to take some photos of the church itself; I will head back and photograph it properly tomorrow.) In a similar vein to star trails, I set the camera to continuous 30-second exposures and sat down to read for a bit.

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Project365 [182/365]: Overexposed - Masonic Temple

This was in line with the theme of overexposure, though this was taken at normal exposure and the levels blown out in post-processing. I had planned this for many weeks, but hadn't gotten around to taking it as the lighting was always best after my lunch break. Once the days grew shorter with winter, I was able to snap this.

Project365 [212/365]: Night Drive

I set the camera up on the tripod and balanced it on the back seat. To keep the shutter tripping, I had the cable release in and stuck down (it has two settings). I then took Evelyn for a drive via the car wash. The idea was at least I'd get something usable from the trip. I've done this before, before Evelyn came along, where I had it pointed mainly at myself and the speedo, and used a normal lens rather than the wide-angle filter. I liked those results, so thought I'd bring the idea out again. I did a practice run of this exact setup a week ago, to make sure I would be able to get everything in.

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Infrared Gold Coast

I set the camera up for a long exposure of the building looking south from our apartment. I forgot the tripod so I balanced camera on a pillow against the railing. I still had to hold the strap because there are gusts of wind - decision vindicated as one gust took my camera over the edge.

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Project365 [340/365]: Riverside Water Feature

I went in search of water, and found water. It was very windy so the water fountains were blowing everywhere. I set a custom white-balance using some foliage. I forgot my cable release so maximum exposure was 30 seconds at ISO 1600, though I would have preferred a lower ISO and longer exposure. I'm still waiting for the clouds to go away so I can take a shot with black (blue) sky.

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Project365 [057/365]: Mmm Oil

[2011-02-26] Have you ever noticed how sausages exude a decent amount of oil when cooked? And have you ever wondered what happens to that stuff when it 'disappears' from the barbeque?

Project365 [087/365]: Fisheye Mirror

[2011-03-28] This is and old, cheap trick I used to use to get a distorted picture - this is using the blind spot mirror on the car. Incidentally, I've added these little $2 mirrors to every car I've had bar the first two. Cue argument about whether this is a good thing...

Riverside Flood #1

The river did rise but nowhere near as much as in 2011. A bit of mud here and there.

Old Fire Brigade Sign

This is a sign that caught my eye while driving through Ipswich. I'm normally in a great hurry to get to whereever I'm going so there's no time to stop through here.

Project365 [186/365]: Busted!

I was out attempting to snap the impossible reflection (it was too late in the day - see shot 187/365). About to head back to the office, when I heard a siren and trained my lens on the source (is that a fancy way of saying I had a gawk?)

Project365 [324/365]: Flare

I haven't been able to think of any good made-up stories for these last few photos. If you can think of one, do let me know! Mark invited us over for a swim. Seeing the photos from this underwater camera, I can point out a few things:
  • Don't shoot into the light - flare
  • Don't shoot away from the light - too contrasty
  • Don't shoot in the shadow - not enough light
  • Don't shoot in the water - not enough light
I choose to see it as a challenge.

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Project365 [107/365]: Country Charm

[2011-04-17] A bit of country town "charm". This is on the property of a shopping duplex. One shop is always vacant, the other is run by a not-for-profit and is open a whole two hours per week. For a long time, I wondered how the hell the landlord made any money. Now it's for sale - so I guess they didn't.

Project365 [165/365]: Elephant Rock Mermaid

[2011-06-14] Today I took the train down to the Gold Coast and went for a ride. I started off at Helensvale station, and rode via The Spit at Southport, down to Elephant Rock at Currumbin, then back to Varsity Lakes station to come home - 70km in total. Last time I did this ride was in 2008, and it pwned me then as well. This mermaid statue at Elephant Rock was a lot more rude from the front.

Project365 [315/365]: Damnit

Missed it by a whisker. Today was a case of massive failure to plan at any level. Today was Remembrance Day and there was a great photo op at the Shrine of Remembrance (Darren Moldrich gave me the heads up but too late to get there).


There are a bunch of these guys hanging out around the area. They don't squawk a lot, but you can tell they are around when they are eating seeds off the trees - crackle crackle crackle. Identified as Corellas via: Science Direct website

Project365 [273/365]: Crossdrop

A new garden outside the refurbished pub down the road attracts dewdrops and is a pleasure to see on the days I can drag myself past the car and up to the train station on foot.

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Project365 [189/365]: Australia!

This is a plaque on the front of a government building. There are a few signs on this building, as well as cladding due to renovation works, but this plaque is some metres above eye level. I had taken this photo a few days before hand, but chose another photo for the day.

Project365 [045/365]: Sporty Sculpture

[2011-02-14] Kangaroo Point - at the base of the cliffs. Mum asked for this photo.* This is on one of my extended tracks - I rode 20km in the morning and 10km in the afternoon. The BBQs still aren't fixed after the floods, but the rest of the park is in good enough nick. * Later edit: This is not the photo that mum actually wanted. She actually wanted one of the Fish Fossil - I found it later in the year.

Riders #2

The riders ride in packs this early in the morning. There is a bike path, but the big packs tend to ride on the road.

GOMA Elephant

Al and I were walking back to the train station via Kurilpa Bridge. This elephant has been here all along but I'm always in such a great hurry through here that I never noticed it. Tried to give it the googly eye treatment but this is too big!

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Project365 [044/365]: Flower & Ants

[2011-02-13] This is a flower on a weed in the back yard. I mow down most of the weeds, but this one is a tree and more resilient than most...

Project365 [184/365]: Evelyn and Trampoline

With the kids party and trampoline, we didn't know if Evelyn was up for playing with the bigger kids but it turned out she was. When I was taking photos, I tried taking them while the door of the netting was open, but it was too hard to get everything lined up. When shooting through netting, I had to be careful that the camera didn't autofocus on the netting and not Evelyn. We went to Thomas and Jorja's first birthday party and put Evelyn on the trampoline. Putting overprotective parent instincts aside, she didn't get trampled by the other kids on the trampoline at the time, and ended up having a ball.

Seven Hills Tafe #3 Orb

If ever you've wanted or needed a reason to shoot raw, here is one. I arrived late to the location and didn't check my settings before starting to shoot. I thought the shot was a write-off, but with nothing to lose, I fiddled with sliders in Lightroom and ended up with this result.

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Project365 [327/365]: The Girls Are Back In Town

Lui's work xmas party was at the pub down the road, so we walked there. I ran ahead so I could photograph the girls walking down the street. I didn't think this would work out that well as I would have preferred to shoot it with the 75-300 but it turned up alright.

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Sleepy Time

The kids going to sleep in front of Peppa Pig. It was way past bed time.

Polar Bear Mucking Around

One of the polar bears was out to play. There is a viewing area above water, and one under water. I stood on tippy toes to get this. We are trying to make best use of our season pass to the theme parks.

Project365 [016/365]: BBQing

[2011-01-16] The power is now back on at our place (it had been off since Wednesday 4am). While the lights were out, we used the BBQ a few times to cook, about as much as we have used it since we moved in. Now I'm determined to use it more often.

Project365 [281/365]: Evelyn the Destroyer

We took Evelyn down to the beach at sunset for some sand playing and portraits. Lui built up a big line of sandcastles and Evelyn took particular joy in demolishing every one of them. I've been trying to get a photo of this decisive moment for a while now! It takes luck and time.

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