Project365 [337/365]: Screwdriver Bits

I lost a Saturday, and by the time I could stand up straight it was night time and I had no photo taken. This is another go-to photo. We have one of those Ikea handles with screwdriver bits, for maximum convenience, and the soft metal gets marked fairly easily.

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Project365 [174/365]: Sewing

[2011-06-23] Super-Productive Lui is going back to work next week, and is trying to wrap up all of the projects she started over the last year. Here, she is finishing off making cushions for Evelyn's room.

Project365 [088/365]: Lit Pumpkin

[2011-03-29] The pumpkin patch has produced a lot of leaves, but this is the first actual pumpkin that has grown to any size. The rest all seem to fail - possibly not being fertilised properly. Lit by my iPhone.

Pressure Cleaning

Out for my lunchtime walk, I spotted these two guys doing their best to drench eachother with water spray.

Big Shade

It's bloomin' hot. To go for a walk is to hop from shady spot to shady spot.

Project365 [122/365]: TROLOLOL

[2011-05-02] "u mad bro?" Relevant: @dewi
Trollface graffiti in Toowong. I still can't quite come to terms with the level of interaction internet culture has with meatspace post 2005 9 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck
@dewi whereabouts is the trollface? I must view! 10 Feb 2011 via Twitter for iPhone
@limefruit At the base of the footbridge over Coro, eassside 10 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck
@dewi went to see the painting in Friday- they'd already cleaned it up 12 Feb 2011 via Twitter for iPhone
@limefruit Yeah, I just drove past and it's gone. 12 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck

Project365 [273/365]: Crossdrop

A new garden outside the refurbished pub down the road attracts dewdrops and is a pleasure to see on the days I can drag myself past the car and up to the train station on foot.

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Project365 [208/365]: Finch

On the street toward the railway, there are lots of fences and hedges that finches love to jump around in. Most days there are many, today there was only one and it wasn't happy about being followed!

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Valley Shops

Back of a row of shops in the Valley. I wonder if people live there as well - it seems that it would be most unpleasant.

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Project365 [060/365]: The Red Weed

This is what I imagine the red weed would look like from War of the Worlds. This is at Ebbw Vale station. Creeping... crawling... choking...

Project365 [193/365]: Smiley cookies by Lui

Lui baked some smiley face cookies and wanted me to take a photo for her portfolio. I stood on a chair to take the shot (due to the way our kitchen is laid out, this also gets me out of the light path). Lui's laptop happened to be on the table so I moved it in to the frame rather than out, and Lui had the idea of putting the piping bag in as well to complete the story. The laptop and the cooling trays are both half out-of-frame to

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Project365 [334/365]: Train Racing

This is inspired by @QueenslandRail's post ( on train racing:
Train Racing on 365 Project Train Racing: Pretending the train you’re on is racing the train next to you. Immature? Yes. Fun? Tonnes.
Conveniently for me, the 5.28 Ipswich express and the 5.25 Richlands all stations services race eachother at some point down the line.

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The Runner

I went for a run and took the little camera with me. I particularly love this part of the run as, although it's a long incline (though not too steep), the city unfolds in front of you as you rise over the bridge. The next bridge over is the rail bridge with a train going over it every few minutes or so.

Merc Logo

Mercedes parked on the side of the road after a sunshower.


At Currumbin Sanctuary for the day. It was fairly early on and pretty ordinary weather so I think this peacock thought the day would be quite easy.

iPod Cookies

Lui made some cookies for James' last day at work. These are 1st Gen iPod Nanos.

Evelyn and Flare

This was at Evelyn's birthday party. I was shooting low and into the sun, with a partial Evelyn eclipse.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #11/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. Some more practicing lighting using the light sabres. One blue, one purple, against the far wall.

Project365 [328/365]: What Lies Underneath

Lui had the great idea of using our crowbar* to lever up the concrete and tiles. This has made things move much faster. Unfortunately, no paranoid old man stashed his fortune underneath the tiles on our verandah, but somebody did put down some very fine wood that has stood for 55+ years. * It's a long crowbar, which we also use to pull out tree roots

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Project 365 [005/365]: Pile o' Bottles

So the first four days were easy, now I need to actually come up with ideas. I only hope they are going to rise these bottles before they put beer in them.

Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Timed Taps

This is an ad for a new album called Push Once by Timed Taps

Peekaboo Emu

These guys/gals were drinking water off the wet deck, which was hilarious.

Beardy Self Portrait

Usually when I have a holiday, I grow a beard to mark the occasion. This is 2.5 weeks worth and marks the first time I've grown a beard that joined up. Amazing.

Project365 [312/365]: Springs

This is the outside of a parking station in Brisbane. I can only imagine what the springs are for - to stop the upper floors floating away? I intentionally overexposed this, as I wanted the background scene to be trailing away to white.

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Seven Hills Tafe #3 Orb

If ever you've wanted or needed a reason to shoot raw, here is one. I arrived late to the location and didn't check my settings before starting to shoot. I thought the shot was a write-off, but with nothing to lose, I fiddled with sliders in Lightroom and ended up with this result.

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Project365 [014/365]: Flooded Maccas

[2011-01-14] As we've been without power for a few days, we've been staying at Shawn & Rachael's at Goodna. Here, the floods were much worse than at Booval. This Maccas went completely under water. Waking up, feeling seedy after bourbons, the Maccas run was not an available option.

Project365 [203/365]: Proof that I wash my car...sometimes

It is a notable event when I wash my car, along the lines of Haley's comet coming to visit. I soaped up the car (using my first dollar), and made sure to put a fresh lot of soap on the bits that were in frame before each shot (took 15 in total - was trying to get the shot quickly without annoying those waiting in queue).

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Project365 [294/365]: Occupy Brisbane

Joining in the global discontent, a tent city has appeared in Post Office Square. Similar protests in other places have been forcibly removed. These guys were not making much of a fuss when I was there, but it was the middle of the day and too hot for such things.

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Story Bridge Panorama

This is a 23-shot panorama from the park under the Story Bridge. I rode over from work during my lunch break, with my camera and tripod strapped on, and shot this as quickly as I could before riding back. I used Hugin to process this, and it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped (see post processing comments).

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Evelyn and Mika

While mucking around at the summit, Evelyn made friends with a little dog named Mika. She also wanted to make friends with a chocolate labrador but by the time I got through asking its owner if it was okay with kids, Evelyn had already run off.

Project365 [012/365]: Flood Peak

We had a sleepless night checking the water, and the news and twitter for updates. In the morning, the road was completely cut off, and the water was slowly rising. The power was cut at 4am. The water peaked at 4pm, one block from our place, though we had quite a few metres up our sleeves. We were lucky - so much of the rest of Ipswich, Brisbane, and many other places in Queensland, went under.

Project365 [062/365]: Boomgates

Slightly east of Ebbw Vale station. To the eagle-eyed, yes, there is a trend here - I do catch the train from Ebbw Vale in the morning. Next up - the ticket machine.

Morning Stretch

Not sure if intentional when the lunch room was designed, but the light shone through at just the right angle. I almost dropped my cup of tea.

Victoria Bridge Sunset

Walking from the city to West End for dinner, I crossed Victoria Bridge at just the right moment. Nothing exceptional about this, but I did like the way the light poles lined up.

Project365 [263/365]: Spider Web

It was one of the first properly humid nights and dewey mornings of the season and I was walking to the train station. The sun was hitting the spider web from behind at quite the right angle. I had to shoot this through the fence as it was too tall to lean over.

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Max Brenner Chocolate

This is the chocolate display at Max Brenner. I assume most stores look the same. I like the subject, even if the composition is not very creative.

Project365 [267/365]: Galah

Went out for a second try at shooting galahs. There were plenty about though the shots of the group didn't look great (it would have been nice to get a fluke of them all lined up, but that didn't happen). I was actually after a crow shot, as on Thursday there was a cute potential photo of a crow drinking the last drops of water from the bird bath. I filled the bird bath with a dribble of water, but the crows were nowhere to be seen today.

Infrared Eagle Sculpture

This is a 4 minute exposure using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus - It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again.

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What A Load of Woodchips

At Safar Landscaping Supplies, if you ask nicely, they'll use the digger to load you up with stuff

Project365 [187/365]: Impossible Reflection

I tried a few times to take this photo, but it was too late in the day each time. I ended up taking this at 11.30am (early lunch!) to get the sunlight hitting just the right spot. I also tried from many, many different angles to make sure I had the right one.

Project365 [124/365]: Church Bell

[2011-05-04] A church near our work, with what looks to be a mechanical bird that pecks the bell. There are a lot of churches at this end of town (the solid end). This is as opposed to the other end of town (the part built on sand, not there 100 years ago, severely unlikely to still be there in 100 years time).

GOMA Elephant

Al and I were walking back to the train station via Kurilpa Bridge. This elephant has been here all along but I'm always in such a great hurry through here that I never noticed it. Tried to give it the googly eye treatment but this is too big!

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Project365 [214/365]: Morning Flare

I had intended to take this for months, but it needed me to be on the late shift (and to remember to grab this shot between the train station and the office), or for the days to get longer again. The plan was to shoot directly in to the sun, behind a group of people who would create a shadow. Everything went better than expected. This is actually one block over from my usual path, because I was going to the 7-11 to buy an iced coffee. I also shot this on the normal path, but it wasn't as good.

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Geodesic Pool

This is Evelyn looking into a pool of geodesic infinity. I've always loved the geodesic dome at the botanical gardens. We took a day trip up to see some flowers and some cakes. In this picture, Evelyn is leaning over the edge and trying to go for a swim. Out of frame is Lui holding on to Evelyn so she doesn't go and further, and quietly urging me to hurry the up with taking my photo.

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Project365 [190/365]: Shawn and Rachael's wedding

I was up the back with my long lens, hoping to capture this moment. I was shooting at ISO 1600 to ensure a clear shot with the movement, and the fact that we were in the shade (inside the pavillion), and that I had no control over anything in the situation.

Project365 [256/365]: Sunny Keyhole

When I arrived home, I noticed that there was a strong light shining through the keyhole in the laundry. The setting sun was perfectly lined up to shine through between the surrounding houses. The macro filter is a relatively simple design compared to the other modern lenses that I have and the flare is very unpredictable. Also due to the bright sunlight and flare, the autofocus had a lot of trouble. This shot was one that worked with autofocus but so many shots I just couldn't lock on, so I moved to manual focus and rocked back and forward until I had good focus. I already had a shot for the day but chose this one to keep due to repeatability - there would only be a couple of days per year that this shot would be able to be done.

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Project365 [177/365]: Air Roots

[2011-06-26] During a month of extreme humidity earlier in the year, these fig trees put out some air roots. These roots must never touch the ground, or our house is doomed.


After a week and a half of rain, mushrooms have popped up in the grass everywhere.

Roma St Passengers

Passengers waiting at night (8pm) at Roma St Station. In the frame before this, the guy was giving me the finger.

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Project365 [299/365]: Hibiscus

There are many hibuscus planted around the city and they are in bloom at the moment. My trouble was finding one in a garden that I could climb in to in order to get a macro shot.

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Project365 [103/365]: Autumn

[2011-04-13] They actually have an autumn down here! We are staying at Mt Dandenong with Chalk and Laura. It's very pretty here.

Southport Protected Beach

Looking to take Evelyn for her first taste (har) of the sea, we saw that the Gold Coast City Council had set up a new park and protected swim area at Southport.

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Project365 [143/365]: Pumpkin Flower

[2011-05-23] A new pumpkin patch, different type of plant. This time, with Lui at the helm, things are blooming a bit earlier (mine took about three months to do anything). This is a female flower - I'm not sure if it is fertilised or not. We'll see.

Project365 [063/365]: Stored Bacardi

Bacardi put herself on a small shelf in the cupboard, where the soft things were being stored. I withdrew the photo I had already uploaded for today. The photo was a bit underwelming... and while the possum sculpture is not going anywhere, it is very difficult to get Bacardi to sit still for 1/3 of a second for a photo. I will grab a better pic of the possum soon.

Tomato Scan

These are home grown tomatoes. After I stuck them on the scanner, I washed them off and Evelyn and I scoffed the lot.

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