Project365 [283/365]: Kiss Kiss

I was trying to walk off a sick feeling and came across this scene. This intersection has no priority turning, and I reckon both of these buses tried to run a yellow light. P.S. Sick feeling stuck around.

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Geodesic Pool

This is Evelyn looking into a pool of geodesic infinity. I've always loved the geodesic dome at the botanical gardens. We took a day trip up to see some flowers and some cakes. In this picture, Evelyn is leaning over the edge and trying to go for a swim. Out of frame is Lui holding on to Evelyn so she doesn't go and further, and quietly urging me to hurry the up with taking my photo.

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Bozo has a bit of a problem with his eye. He has glaucoma, a detached retina and internal swelling - with no hint as to which came first. He is to have the eye out next week, since it's already blinded and may cause other troubles further down the line.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #4/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. View out of a broken, spraypainted window, over a yard of vandalised walls.


Deanna gave the three kids a bath - thanks Deanna! The kids enjoyed themselves. Trivia: Conor said that Nicholas would have been named Evelyn, had he been born a girl.


This guy was handing out leaflets for personal training, and posed for this photo.

Googly Student

More googly mayhem. I have blutak and a bag of these eyes in my backpack - watch out world!

Infrared Gold Coast

I set the camera up for a long exposure of the building looking south from our apartment. I forgot the tripod so I balanced camera on a pillow against the railing. I still had to hold the strap because there are gusts of wind - decision vindicated as one gust took my camera over the edge.

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Project365 [220/365]: Pre-internet Internet

I spotted this while walking around and have gone back a few times to snap it. This is where people found information before the internet was around - a bank of phone books outside the RACQ office.

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Project365 [215/365]: Manual Rail Signals

This is a manual signal on a seldom-used (and certainly not electrified) train line in North Ipswich. I tried taking this shot a few months ago but I couldn't get a good angle (what I was trying to do last time was get all of the bridge in using the long lens to compress all of the elements - it was just too busy). Today, I tried again and while I don't think I nailed it, it went a little better this time. I tried a few different angles, some with the rail bridge and some without, and decided to pick this one.

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Peekaboo Emu

These guys/gals were drinking water off the wet deck, which was hilarious.

Motorcycle Panning Triptych

This is for my get-pushed-42 challenge from @noragentian: "What do you think about a panning shot? You can choose if the main object should be sharp or blurred by movement." I went out shooting at Queens Park with my gr8 m8-o-m9 Al Warren. We set out to do star trails, but in between I tried the panning shot. There is a medium sweeping downhill run past the park and the hoons were doing laps. I only saw this motorcyclist once though. I found that I got a better result if I didn't have the camera up to my eye, but just aimed and panned with it at chest level. The triptych processing was Al's idea!

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Project365 [079/365]: White Tiger

[2011-03-20] For our last full day in Singapore, we went to Singapore Zoo. During the day we went to the normal zoo, and after dark we went to the night safari. We had also planned to visit the bird park but the bus didn't show up. As it turns out, the driver probably skipped our stop - or possibly the entire route. In the end, it meant we had a more relaxing day, spreading our time over two parks rather than three.

Project365 [267/365]: Galah

Went out for a second try at shooting galahs. There were plenty about though the shots of the group didn't look great (it would have been nice to get a fluke of them all lined up, but that didn't happen). I was actually after a crow shot, as on Thursday there was a cute potential photo of a crow drinking the last drops of water from the bird bath. I filled the bird bath with a dribble of water, but the crows were nowhere to be seen today.

Project365 [078/365]: Singapore Orchids

Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and went to see the orchid exhibit. We stayed longer than anticipated due to a famous Singapore thunderstorm (took cover in a shelter while the weather raged overhead). Before the storm, it was dark (ISO 1600 territory); after the storm, everything had water droplets on and it was bright (ISO 400).

Project365 [307/365]: Speaker

This is the external speaker on our cordless phone base station. I cropped out all the bits that make it look like anything. This was a go-to image for me since my main idea for the day didn't work out.

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Project365 [185/365]: Foggy Train

Every morning I check for fog before leaving the house, which will decide which station I go to. I don't always go to Ebbw Vale station, but it is much better for capturing this picture. I took bracketed shots to ensure I had a good exposure for working with.

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Aussie! Aussie!

This is for get-pushed-38 challenge from @boltonboy: Take a photo of food in some creative way. This is a koala eating a meat pie. I tried to use hyperfocal focusing (small aperture, focus approx in the middle of the two objects, hoping both will be in focus), but it started to rain so I didn't get to fine-tune it. I also could have used the iPhone for its greater depth of field, but there is no control over the aperture on that thing.

Evelyn and Mika

While mucking around at the summit, Evelyn made friends with a little dog named Mika. She also wanted to make friends with a chocolate labrador but by the time I got through asking its owner if it was okay with kids, Evelyn had already run off.

Project365 [326/365]: Rays

I like the way this is a stylisation of the sun's rays, and the sign incorporates artificial lighting from different points to create multiple shadows.

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Beachmere Startrails

Same spot as last photo. Out of 150 photos (30" exposures, no delay between each exposure), only the first 15 and last 19 shots + darkframe were usable. The middle 116 photos had too many clouds and couldn't be used. Effectively you could consider this to be a 19 shot startrail, because there was such a big gap between the two sets that they are not connected at all. These were assembled in StarStax, which seems to be more advanced than the Startrails program I was using before. Same result though for this application. I did use a darkshot this time (30" exposure with lens cap on) to remove noise - it was super effective. (Recap: Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots.)

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Project365 [075/365]: Calm Singapore

[2011-03-16] A nice calm scene, along the river nearish to Clarke Quay. This was adjacent to a sign forbidding riding of bikes under the bridge (with the threat of a S$1000 fine). I tried to brave through the tummy bug, but I ended up crying like a baby and sitting down/doubling over a lot.

Project365 [338/365]: Seaworld

We have a summer pass to the Gold Coast theme parks and activated it today. This was in the shark tank (which I have photos of Lui and myself from last time we went, three years ago). Evelyn needed sleep but refused to rest for the whole day. She was out like a light before we had pulled out of the carpark.

Project365 [340/365]: Riverside Water Feature

I went in search of water, and found water. It was very windy so the water fountains were blowing everywhere. I set a custom white-balance using some foliage. I forgot my cable release so maximum exposure was 30 seconds at ISO 1600, though I would have preferred a lower ISO and longer exposure. I'm still waiting for the clouds to go away so I can take a shot with black (blue) sky.

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Byron Bay 2005 #10/10 - Lighthouse Beam

Work trip to Byron Bay - stayed for the afternoon. Made it look like the house was being beamed up by aliens. Don't worry, it wasn't actually being beamed up by aliens.

Project365 [197/365]: Pile o' pipes

It seems like this was a dumping spot for materials. Being so public, I assume it's temporary. I shot this through some metal fencing, but the long focal length and open aperture rendered the fence almost invisible.

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Project365 [236/365]: Fig Swallows Fence

The figs in the park were planted in 1870 and are pretty special to look at. I walk past here once a week on my way to Bridge to Brisbane training, but only have my iPhone with me at that point - not much good for taking photos in the dark of a dark tree. So I rode over today during lunch time with a backpack of lenses and made sure I got something to be happy with. I had originally intended to get a fish-eye shot of the roots from floor to sky, but it ended up not looking fantastic.

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Ray of Sunshine

I was just snapping Evelyn opening the door for herself, and the ray of sunlight did the rest for me.

Project365 [206/365]: Slow down, stupid

Opportunistic shot. I tried to get the skid marks (and the torn up grass) in the shot as well as the broken sign. I always have a loud-but-silent laugh to myself at the irony, when a car has taken out a speed sign whilst out of control.

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Project365 [248/365]: Moss

I walk past a park most days (when I'm not lazy and drive instead), and there is a stone with a great lot of moss on it. I had planned to take a fisheye of the moss but it quickly turned out that that was not the way to go. Luckily fisheye and macro filters are on the same bit of kit, so I got to work with the macro instead.

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Project365 [154/365]: Spinning Light

[2011-06-03] Light atop some railway maintenance vehicles. These were parked at Bundamba for a week, with scheduled maintenance shutting down the line this weekend. This equipment was all on rails, but it seems there was a dude paid to sit next to it day-and-night to make sure no-one pinched it.

Project365 [100/365]: Orchid

[2011-04-10] Today we took a trip to see the Brisbane Orchid Society show. We bought some orchids to hang up on a tree outside.

Evelyn the Conjurer

We headed out to Laidley for the night, and blew some bubbles for Evelyn to chase around. I had planned to shoot some star trails from the lookout on the ridge. It was the first cloudy night for two weeks. Will try again next time we head out there.

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Early in the mornings, the perspex walls of the payphone cubicle are fogged up. At any time of day, the petrol station has a very bright priceboard. Combine the two and here we are.

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Project365 [151/365]: Blue LEDs

[2011-05-31] I had no ideas today, but as I've always said, if you can't have any ideas, at least do something involving blue LEDs.

Project365 [217/365]: Plane and Runway

I had a few days off work and ended up with a day to myself, so I went on another riding odyssey. I rode from Brisbane city to Eight Mile Plains, intending to ride back. Instead, I changed my mind and cut across to Wacol instead, which took me past Archerfield. In short, this photo was completely unplanned. For the photo itself, I stood outside the fence and shot through. When shooting over a lot of tarmac, there is a lot of distortion, although that is not what I was aiming for. I was actually trying to get a shot of a plane just about to touch down, or something that looked close to it from my vantage point. I was using AI Servo focus (tracking focus), but it mis-focused most of the time. I believe it is deliberately hobbled in lower models of camera, of which mine was the lowest for the time. The great thing I've found about AI Servo focus is when it does have a hit, it's a beauty.

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GOMA Elephant

Al and I were walking back to the train station via Kurilpa Bridge. This elephant has been here all along but I'm always in such a great hurry through here that I never noticed it. Tried to give it the googly eye treatment but this is too big!

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Seven Hills TAFE - June #6/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This looks to be a microfiche viewer or maybe a CCTV monitor, and someone's toolset laid out ready to work (and covered in dust). We wore masks in this room, on account of the strong smell.

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Project365 [231/365]: A Self Portrait

I was editing photos and blog posts, and took this photo with the iPhone. I waited until the sun was shining in a good spot, to add a bit of life to the shot. In the full sized version of the picture you can see each individual pixel on the laptop screen.

Project365 [097/365]: Bikeway Roadworks

[2011-04-07] Road works on the bikeway. Today was the first time on the bike for a month. I took it easy, and still kept the same pace as when I ride hard. Possibly a lesson in that.

Project365 [364/365]: Mobile

Mum sent over this beautiful bird mobile for Evelyn, for Christmas. She sells very nice hand-made stuff at House of Shallana. My main idea was to place this over Evelyn's cot while she was asleep and photograph the two of them, but that quickly unravelled when she was refusing to sleep. I couldn't risk turning on the light and using the noisy clunking SLR to photograph the scene (though I reckon it would have been excellent), since it had already taken two hours to get her to sleep the first time. Instead I made do with this "safe" photo, taken long before we tried to set her down to sleep. I try to take a safe photo in case the experimental one does not work out.

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Project365 [010/365]: Shoreline Maintenance

[2011-01-10] A day off work today, we drove around and ran errands - visiting businesses that aren't open at weekends. We stopped at West End and saw council dumping boulders in the river. They say it's to maintain the shoreline. These efforts are being confounded by the flooding river - every time a CityCat went past, waves washed over the path. This photo was processed using the ol' dodge and burn tools (AKA adjustment overlays) in Lightroom. See if you can spot the edges!

Merc Logo

Mercedes parked on the side of the road after a sunshower.

Project365 [337/365]: Screwdriver Bits

I lost a Saturday, and by the time I could stand up straight it was night time and I had no photo taken. This is another go-to photo. We have one of those Ikea handles with screwdriver bits, for maximum convenience, and the soft metal gets marked fairly easily.

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Project365 [273/365]: Crossdrop

A new garden outside the refurbished pub down the road attracts dewdrops and is a pleasure to see on the days I can drag myself past the car and up to the train station on foot.

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Project365 [015/365]: Floodmud Phone

Today Shawn, Rachael and I headed down to Goodna St Ives to lend a hand. Mr Surf came along too, and provided power for gurneys. There was some serious mud. All fittings from shops have to come out - all walls, ceilings, stock, paperwork, everything.

Project365 [318/365]: Glasses

This is an optomotrist in Spring Hill that has an obligatory display of glasses. I'm also testing a new app called Pixlromatic on the iPhone (also avail on Android). As is customary, I applied ALL the filters! One thing that Pixlromatic lacks is cropping. I realised later that cropping is avail natively in iOS.

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Googly Flower

These flowers line the streets in Ipswich city. They are perfect candidates for the googly eye treatment.

Project365 [195/365]: Casino & Scooters (& Bike)

On my way to Thursday night Bridge to Brisbane training - travelling light as it sucks to carry an SLR while running. This is a re-take of one I took last week, but didn't end up using. I knew I wanted to take this picture, so didn't go looking for any other shots over the day.

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Fire Alarm

After being asleep for what seemed like two seconds, the alert and then evacuation tones sounded and we had to walk down the stairs. The firies turned up very quickly, investigated, then turned off the alarm. Amelia slept through the whole thing, and Evelyn was calm and relaxed, and ended up going straight back to sleep again once we were back in the apartment. Now Lui has said that if we go to live in an apartment at the beach, she wants to live on one of the lower floors. This is not so good for the view, but does make walking down the stairs easier. Lui also noted that it was mostly people with kids who evacuated. A lot of other people just stood on their balconies, for shame. Mark and I had a number of drinks before hitting the hay - lucky we hadn't had any more!

Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Enjoy Action!

I had planned to take a night-time long exposure of this. I took a test shot in the morning that I ended up liking much better, thanks to some lovely morning sun. The guys who painted this on neglected one thing: it's facing east, so is subject to some blistering sunlight. Most things that are pointed east or west on Brisbane/Ipswich Road suffer pretty bad fading.

Southbank: Temple and Wheel

This is for the get-pushed-41 challenge from @mbrunner: "to capture motion. could be traffic, people, sports, whatever moves. if this is too boring - an extra: 'motion with emotion'." This is the Nepal Peace Pagoda and Wheel of Brisbane at Southbank. I didn't get any emotion here but this is an image that I've wanted to capture for a long time now.