Get Fudged By Jon #2

Jon runs a fudge shop up Tamborine Mountain called Fudge Heaven. This is where the magic happens -- the fudge is absolutely wonderful.

Infrared Kirra Beach

This was shot using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). This was a 4 minute exposure. There was a surf championship on at Kirra, though the surfers didn't sit still long enough to feature. I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus). It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again. I was actually trying to do an HDR as well but it was quite windy and the shots didn't line up (it works okay without it anyway).

Seed Scan

While looking after Nana's bird, I dumped out the birdseed on the scanner.

Project365 [263/365]: Spider Web

It was one of the first properly humid nights and dewey mornings of the season and I was walking to the train station. The sun was hitting the spider web from behind at quite the right angle. I had to shoot this through the fence as it was too tall to lean over.

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Project365 [063/365]: Stored Bacardi

Bacardi put herself on a small shelf in the cupboard, where the soft things were being stored. I withdrew the photo I had already uploaded for today. The photo was a bit underwelming... and while the possum sculpture is not going anywhere, it is very difficult to get Bacardi to sit still for 1/3 of a second for a photo. I will grab a better pic of the possum soon.

Purga Servo #3/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)


This is a fountain attached to a plaque/sculpture type thing. The writing on it is decidedly Georgian. (The praises to King George also hint at that.)

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Project365 [167/365]: Lunar Eclipse

[2011-06-16] Lunar eclipse this morning. Thanks to Shell for the heads up! I don't really have the appropriate kit for capturing the moon at night, but I was out there anyway with my mini tripod balanced on the car roof, trying to find the balance between ISO (noisy) and shutter speed (any more than 2 seconds and the moon moves). It was very pretty nonetheless.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #6/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This looks to be a microfiche viewer or maybe a CCTV monitor, and someone's toolset laid out ready to work (and covered in dust). We wore masks in this room, on account of the strong smell.

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Ant Farmers

These are ants that are farming aphids. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

Fanning Flying-Fox

It's very hot and the flying foxes were in the trees, fanning themselves. This was a mother with a baby. The internet says these are black flying foxes. I used a high ISO (3200) in order to get a fast shutter speed on this lens.

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Project365 [060/365]: The Red Weed

This is what I imagine the red weed would look like from War of the Worlds. This is at Ebbw Vale station. Creeping... crawling... choking...

Lighter Than Air

This is in response to a get-pushed challenge from @frida: To take an image that represents 'lighter than air'. This was especially tough. I had this idea in my head but the execution turned out quite different. The coffin is a roving prop that Queensland Rail take to different stations as part of a campaign to stop people crossing the tracks when a train is coming. It is pictured here at Central station - although there are no accessible tracks at Central, a lot of people would be coming from a station where there is a track crossing somewhere. The clouds are from Ebbw Vale station. The idea I had in my head was a cliched image of a grave in the clouds.

The Caterpillar Line

Mark and I were taking the girls bike riding when they spotted this line of hairy caterpillars. At least they listened to our warnings not to touch.


This is Evelyn's expression: ಠ_ಠ Evelyn was playing about on the motorised toy things while Lui was shopping. Evelyn's not been on one of these when there was money in it, and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Project365 [222/365]: Post Office Square Stairs

I have only recently discovered the wonder of Post Office Square, and I love its hustle and bustle. I've been checking out photo ops around the place (and there are many). For this particular one, my intention was to grab a shot using the fisheye, which included people sitting at tables down below, and people sitting in the park above. Once I actually tried to execute the picture, it became fairly obvious that that wasn't going to be possible (with my equipment and vantage point anyway). The circular staircase was going to be a feature anyway, so I changed tack a little bit and shot this one. There is an unintentional pun in the title of this picture/post.

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Project365 [198/365]: Sunday morning Vegemite on toast

Sunday morning, fresh loaf of bread, and a discussion about Vegemite on Reddit fresh in my mind. I stopped down the aperture so that the Vegemite jar in the background would be recognisable. At this point I was holding the knife with one hand and the camera with the other. Later on I tried elevating the bread with a butter lid, and asked Lui to hold the knife so I could use a longer exposure, but I was happier with this earlier shot.

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Project365 [324/365]: Flare

I haven't been able to think of any good made-up stories for these last few photos. If you can think of one, do let me know! Mark invited us over for a swim. Seeing the photos from this underwater camera, I can point out a few things:
  • Don't shoot into the light - flare
  • Don't shoot away from the light - too contrasty
  • Don't shoot in the shadow - not enough light
  • Don't shoot in the water - not enough light
I choose to see it as a challenge.

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Purga Servo #2/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)

Project365 [078/365]: Singapore Orchids

Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and went to see the orchid exhibit. We stayed longer than anticipated due to a famous Singapore thunderstorm (took cover in a shelter while the weather raged overhead). Before the storm, it was dark (ISO 1600 territory); after the storm, everything had water droplets on and it was bright (ISO 400).

Project365 [338/365]: Seaworld

We have a summer pass to the Gold Coast theme parks and activated it today. This was in the shark tank (which I have photos of Lui and myself from last time we went, three years ago). Evelyn needed sleep but refused to rest for the whole day. She was out like a light before we had pulled out of the carpark.

Riverside Flood #2

One business, Riverbar & Kitchen, took on a bit of river water. There was a large crowd of lunchtime people but very few (myself included) helping in any way.

Entrance Under Construction

The front area to 300 Ann St is being upgraded, and part of it is this pretty spiffy dome feature. The rest is still in progress.

Big Shade

It's bloomin' hot. To go for a walk is to hop from shady spot to shady spot.

Motorcycle Panning Triptych

This is for my get-pushed-42 challenge from @noragentian: "What do you think about a panning shot? You can choose if the main object should be sharp or blurred by movement." I went out shooting at Queens Park with my gr8 m8-o-m9 Al Warren. We set out to do star trails, but in between I tried the panning shot. There is a medium sweeping downhill run past the park and the hoons were doing laps. I only saw this motorcyclist once though. I found that I got a better result if I didn't have the camera up to my eye, but just aimed and panned with it at chest level. The triptych processing was Al's idea!

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Sleepy Time

The kids going to sleep in front of Peppa Pig. It was way past bed time.

Project365 [013/365]: Flooded Cars

[2011-01-13] The dealerships across the road moved all of their new vehicles to higher ground. They left behind the cars that were in for service, and they all drowned.

Project365 [075/365]: Calm Singapore

[2011-03-16] A nice calm scene, along the river nearish to Clarke Quay. This was adjacent to a sign forbidding riding of bikes under the bridge (with the threat of a S$1000 fine). I tried to brave through the tummy bug, but I ended up crying like a baby and sitting down/doubling over a lot.

Timed Taps

This is an ad for a new album called Push Once by Timed Taps

Project365 [044/365]: Flower & Ants

[2011-02-13] This is a flower on a weed in the back yard. I mow down most of the weeds, but this one is a tree and more resilient than most...


At Currumbin Sanctuary for the day. It was fairly early on and pretty ordinary weather so I think this peacock thought the day would be quite easy.

Damper Dough Fingers

Before heading out for the day, Evelyn and I made some damper. We ate most of it fresh out of the oven, then pocketed the rest to have for lunch. I set the the camera up on the bench, prefocused, then set it to grab 5 exposures in a row.

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Evelyn and Mika

While mucking around at the summit, Evelyn made friends with a little dog named Mika. She also wanted to make friends with a chocolate labrador but by the time I got through asking its owner if it was okay with kids, Evelyn had already run off.

Project365 [149/365]: Tomas and Dog

[2011-05-29] Tomas and one of the dogs we went to visit. As part of Neighbourhood Watch, Lui's grandparents were looking after the animals of a family who were in hospital.

Riders #2

The riders ride in packs this early in the morning. There is a bike path, but the big packs tend to ride on the road.

Seven Hills Tafe #3 Orb

If ever you've wanted or needed a reason to shoot raw, here is one. I arrived late to the location and didn't check my settings before starting to shoot. I thought the shot was a write-off, but with nothing to lose, I fiddled with sliders in Lightroom and ended up with this result.

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Project365 [020/365]: Lui and the Sweet Potato

[2011-01-20] Lui harvested some more sweet potatoes. If these things weren't so tasty, they would be considered a weed. They are irrepressible. Examples: I've had a plant grow from a slice put in the compost; and one branch that I mowed over continued to grow from a one-inch fragment - and put out roots.

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King Parrots

Lui's grandparents always have seed out for the birds. These king parrots came by - they normally don't hang around for long, but they stayed today to have a squawk at eachother.

Project365 [057/365]: Mmm Oil

[2011-02-26] Have you ever noticed how sausages exude a decent amount of oil when cooked? And have you ever wondered what happens to that stuff when it 'disappears' from the barbeque?

Project365 [042/365]: How To Grow A Sweet Potoato

[2011-02-11] Three steps to growing sweet potato.
  1. Buy a sweet potato;
  2. Wait a few weeks;
  3. Plant the resulting sprouts.
Last year we had a few sweet potatoes that produced sprouts for more than six months.

Roma Street Waterfall #1

At the Roma Street Parklands, there are a number of waterfalls around the area. I set this up with the mini tripod and R72 filter.

Project 365 [004/365]: Back to Work

Back to work after a too-short 3 day weekend. This is me working on photographs on the train, with iPhone tethered for net. The train trip is 55 mins, but the laptop battery lasts 15-20 mins if I'm lucky.

Project365 [081/365]: Sunrise

[2011-03-22] Sunrise on the plane. We took the overnight flight back to Brisbane so that we would maximise our time in Singapore, while maybe even arriving home 'refreshed'. The plane was actually facing east, so this was our view to the north.

Beachmere Startrails

Same spot as last photo. Out of 150 photos (30" exposures, no delay between each exposure), only the first 15 and last 19 shots + darkframe were usable. The middle 116 photos had too many clouds and couldn't be used. Effectively you could consider this to be a 19 shot startrail, because there was such a big gap between the two sets that they are not connected at all. These were assembled in StarStax, which seems to be more advanced than the Startrails program I was using before. Same result though for this application. I did use a darkshot this time (30" exposure with lens cap on) to remove noise - it was super effective. (Recap: Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots.)

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Tomato Scan

These are home grown tomatoes. After I stuck them on the scanner, I washed them off and Evelyn and I scoffed the lot.

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Project365 [186/365]: Busted!

I was out attempting to snap the impossible reflection (it was too late in the day - see shot 187/365). About to head back to the office, when I heard a siren and trained my lens on the source (is that a fancy way of saying I had a gawk?)

Max Brenner Chocolate

This is the chocolate display at Max Brenner. I assume most stores look the same. I like the subject, even if the composition is not very creative.

Project365 [012/365]: Flood Peak

We had a sleepless night checking the water, and the news and twitter for updates. In the morning, the road was completely cut off, and the water was slowly rising. The power was cut at 4am. The water peaked at 4pm, one block from our place, though we had quite a few metres up our sleeves. We were lucky - so much of the rest of Ipswich, Brisbane, and many other places in Queensland, went under.

Project365 [021/365]: Flooded Ferry Stop

[2011-01-21] Moggill Ferry - there is a very clear line where the river peaked. The ferry held on by one cable. There used to be a park on the opposite shore, but it is completely gone. The old ferry, which Wikipedia says serviced the crossing from the 1940s to the 1970s (my memory tells me it was broken in the 1974 floods), used to reside as a relic in the park - now I guess it's part of the river again!

Valley Shops

Back of a row of shops in the Valley. I wonder if people live there as well - it seems that it would be most unpleasant.

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Project365 [327/365]: The Girls Are Back In Town

Lui's work xmas party was at the pub down the road, so we walked there. I ran ahead so I could photograph the girls walking down the street. I didn't think this would work out that well as I would have preferred to shoot it with the 75-300 but it turned up alright.

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Infrared Eagle Sculpture

This is a 4 minute exposure using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus - It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again.

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Point Danger Lightpainting #1

I remember these steps from when a group of us stayed at Coolangatta in 2000 (Beach House!). (Actually this is a ramp that has been added since then - the steps were too well-lit.) I set the camera up on tripod and a 30 second delay, then walked down into frame with the light saber during the 3 minute exposure.

Frosty Morning

The first week in August marked the first time my car has frozen over in Aus. I wasn't prepared for this, and it took about ten minutes of car on full heat/air con + scraping the windscreen to make a little viewing hole. On other days, I just walked instead.

Aussie! Aussie!

This is for get-pushed-38 challenge from @boltonboy: Take a photo of food in some creative way. This is a koala eating a meat pie. I tried to use hyperfocal focusing (small aperture, focus approx in the middle of the two objects, hoping both will be in focus), but it started to rain so I didn't get to fine-tune it. I also could have used the iPhone for its greater depth of field, but there is no control over the aperture on that thing.

Sweet. Bagel. Jesus.

I have wanted to make my own bagels for a long time. Some extended sick leave has provided me the spare time to actually do this. I used a recipe from The Fresh Loaf, which happened to be the first hit on Google for "How to bake bagels". Upon tasting them, I made the Sweet Baby Jesus face:

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Byron Bay 2005 #10/10 - Lighthouse Beam

Work trip to Byron Bay - stayed for the afternoon. Made it look like the house was being beamed up by aliens. Don't worry, it wasn't actually being beamed up by aliens.

Riverside Flood #1

The river did rise but nowhere near as much as in 2011. A bit of mud here and there.

Mt Coot-tha Lookout

After reading up a bit on street photography, I thought I'd give it a go. PHotographing people at a touristy lookout is 0% "street" but I'm counting it as practice.

Queens Park Orb #2

After an evening of unsuccessful drain exploring (and really wet shoes), Al and I headed for Queens Park and he did some light painting. I am taking notes. This is a greenhouse at Queens Park. Alan lightpainted with blue and green strobes, orange torch and the red orb. The moon was quite bright tonight, so moonlight overpowered most of the added light.

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Project365 [317/365]: Snail House

Lui put down some snail bait that, instead of poisoning them (and therefore anything that eats them), just increases their iron levels to a point that they don't feel like eating any more. When planting pumpkin seeds, I accidentally uncovered where they all crawled to die. This is inside a besa brick. I placed the fisheye inside, rested against a side and shot some bracketed exposures, intending to do HDR. In the end, it wasn't necessary.

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