Lighter Than Air

This is in response to a get-pushed challenge from @frida: To take an image that represents 'lighter than air'. This was especially tough. I had this idea in my head but the execution turned out quite different. The coffin is a roving prop that Queensland Rail take to different stations as part of a campaign to stop people crossing the tracks when a train is coming. It is pictured here at Central station - although there are no accessible tracks at Central, a lot of people would be coming from a station where there is a track crossing somewhere. The clouds are from Ebbw Vale station. The idea I had in my head was a cliched image of a grave in the clouds.

Riders #2

The riders ride in packs this early in the morning. There is a bike path, but the big packs tend to ride on the road.

Riders #1

The bike path is being resurfaced so runners are being diverted to street level. Riders still get to ride on the low path though. The river restaurant is still gutted, with no sign of it being rebuilt.

Ray of Sunshine

I was just snapping Evelyn opening the door for herself, and the ray of sunlight did the rest for me.

Project365 [283/365]: Kiss Kiss

I was trying to walk off a sick feeling and came across this scene. This intersection has no priority turning, and I reckon both of these buses tried to run a yellow light. P.S. Sick feeling stuck around.

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Project365 [015/365]: Floodmud Phone

Today Shawn, Rachael and I headed down to Goodna St Ives to lend a hand. Mr Surf came along too, and provided power for gurneys. There was some serious mud. All fittings from shops have to come out - all walls, ceilings, stock, paperwork, everything.

Project365 [342/365]: Berry Protection

We have some berries planted in the back yard, and in an attempt to stop them turning into a bramble, they are stacked vertically. The first berries of the season are starting to ripen. It looks like this little guy is protecting the berries - at least they haven't been eaten by anything yet. (Must be careful though, last year some of the berries had fruit fly.)

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Big Shade

It's bloomin' hot. To go for a walk is to hop from shady spot to shady spot.

Project 365 [004/365]: Back to Work

Back to work after a too-short 3 day weekend. This is me working on photographs on the train, with iPhone tethered for net. The train trip is 55 mins, but the laptop battery lasts 15-20 mins if I'm lucky.

Infrared Gold Coast

I set the camera up for a long exposure of the building looking south from our apartment. I forgot the tripod so I balanced camera on a pillow against the railing. I still had to hold the strap because there are gusts of wind - decision vindicated as one gust took my camera over the edge.

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Project365 [212/365]: Night Drive

I set the camera up on the tripod and balanced it on the back seat. To keep the shutter tripping, I had the cable release in and stuck down (it has two settings). I then took Evelyn for a drive via the car wash. The idea was at least I'd get something usable from the trip. I've done this before, before Evelyn came along, where I had it pointed mainly at myself and the speedo, and used a normal lens rather than the wide-angle filter. I liked those results, so thought I'd bring the idea out again. I did a practice run of this exact setup a week ago, to make sure I would be able to get everything in.

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Project365 [129/365]: Passionfruit

We have some passionfruit growing out the front. This is also my first proper play with Lightroom 3. I think the first thing everyone does in LR3 is turn the noise reduction up to 100 to see what it looks like. (This.)

Project365 [044/365]: Flower & Ants

[2011-02-13] This is a flower on a weed in the back yard. I mow down most of the weeds, but this one is a tree and more resilient than most...

Project365 [091/365]: Unlikely Friends

[2011-04-01] Evelyn is obsessed with Bacardi, but the cat has been a bit wary of the squeals and the grabby hands. They are slowly starting to get along, and this picture is one of the first times they've tentatively played together.

Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Evelyn and Flare

This was at Evelyn's birthday party. I was shooting low and into the sun, with a partial Evelyn eclipse.

Project365 [191/365]: Evelyn Casts

We were having a picnic and killing some time before Carol's flight by taking photos and videos of Evelyn mucking around. The winter sun was winding up and when I saw this shot, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

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Project365 [028/365]: Witnessed by

[2011-01-28] I was asked to witness an agreement being made between Kayla and Lynnette. I have no idea what that agreement was, but I witnessed it.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #8/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This is one of the walls and windows in the ceramics block, with some pretty elaborate art.

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Project365 [216/365]: Wreckers

I saw this scene from the train on my last riding odyssey, and noted it down. When it came time to photograph, I drove up the service road and found the spot I was after. I tried many different angles, including zoomed in ones and wide-angle ones.

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Project365 [250/365]: Roof Scratchings

At Central Station there is a clear perspex roof over one section. The amusing thing about a clear perspex roof is eventually it gets scratched to hell, and become brittle and quite not-clear any more.

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QUT are destroying a building. I ran past one day and took a photo with my phone. Came back two days later on the bike with a backpack full of cameras and lenses.

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Project 365 [007/365]: Cicada Shells

Cicada shells. I will award three e-points* to each and every person who can guess what garden appliance this is. Press the Add Comment button below left and leave your name so you can claim your reward. * Not redeemable for cash.

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Project365 [286/365]: Peeking Through A Fence

This is a rare vacant lot in the Brisbane CBD. It's well sealed up but I was able to peek through. I shot this yesterday, but chose another picture to post. This time, I knew what I was going for, and made sure the exposure and depth of field were as good as they could be.

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Seven Hills Tafe #3 Orb

If ever you've wanted or needed a reason to shoot raw, here is one. I arrived late to the location and didn't check my settings before starting to shoot. I thought the shot was a write-off, but with nothing to lose, I fiddled with sliders in Lightroom and ended up with this result.

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Valley Building Site #2

This is one of the source images from the Building Site Panorama. I think it's a neat enough image that it's worth viewing by itself.

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Project365 [241/365]: Foggy Morning

Oh foggy morning! I parked up on Brisbane Road and snapped the passing traffic. This was inspired by a photo I took a couple of years ago of roughly the same thing - though that time, the resulting image had some interesting aspects, but on the whole didn't look good.

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Timed Taps

This is an ad for a new album called Push Once by Timed Taps

Get Fudged By Jon #1

Jon runs a fudge shop up Tamborine Mountain called Fudge Heaven. This is where the magic happens -- the fudge is absolutely wonderful.

Project365 [045/365]: Sporty Sculpture

[2011-02-14] Kangaroo Point - at the base of the cliffs. Mum asked for this photo.* This is on one of my extended tracks - I rode 20km in the morning and 10km in the afternoon. The BBQs still aren't fixed after the floods, but the rest of the park is in good enough nick. * Later edit: This is not the photo that mum actually wanted. She actually wanted one of the Fish Fossil - I found it later in the year.

Roma Street Waterfall #2

This is similar to the last photo, but much closer to the action. Because of the spray from the water hitting the ground, many of the photos did not work out. I also had to keep moving the camera to dry it out, which mucked up the composition (can't compose easily with an R72 filter on the front - it's point and guess).

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Project365 [234/365]: Backpacking Statue

This is a statue / sculpture near work that I've been meaning to get over and photograph for a while. My challenge was to photograph it in such a way that all of the elements were included (including the antlers in the backpack) without it being just a straight on shot.

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After a week and a half of rain, mushrooms have popped up in the grass everywhere.

Project365 [338/365]: Seaworld

We have a summer pass to the Gold Coast theme parks and activated it today. This was in the shark tank (which I have photos of Lui and myself from last time we went, three years ago). Evelyn needed sleep but refused to rest for the whole day. She was out like a light before we had pulled out of the carpark.

Project365 [254/365]: Bridge to Brisbane 2011

For the fun run, I knew I wanted to get some kind of shot of the hubbub. I've never been able to work out what makes a crowd shot work. (If only there was some kind of reference work available on the subject.) I had planned to get a shot of the water stations, as this one has worked for me in the past but it didn't work out this year.

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Project365 [165/365]: Elephant Rock Mermaid

[2011-06-14] Today I took the train down to the Gold Coast and went for a ride. I started off at Helensvale station, and rode via The Spit at Southport, down to Elephant Rock at Currumbin, then back to Varsity Lakes station to come home - 70km in total. Last time I did this ride was in 2008, and it pwned me then as well. This mermaid statue at Elephant Rock was a lot more rude from the front.

King Parrots

Lui's grandparents always have seed out for the birds. These king parrots came by - they normally don't hang around for long, but they stayed today to have a squawk at eachother.

Flarey Thistles

These thistles caught the morning light. I wasn't sure about the right exposure, so bracketed the shots. Bags "The Flarey Thistles" as a band name.

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This is Evelyn's expression: ಠ_ಠ Evelyn was playing about on the motorised toy things while Lui was shopping. Evelyn's not been on one of these when there was money in it, and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Project365 [297/365]: Tarball

Yesterday Lui and I dug up two shrubs. They had been in there a long time and what is pictured here was all underground. I did some mattocking and Lui did the digging and levering. This is what I picture when I think 'tarball'.

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Project365 [034/365]: Squash

I am back playing squash again. Now James, Lui and Evelyn all come along. I must have lost several kilos of water tonight. See if you can spot something wrong with this picture.

Fanning Flying-Fox

It's very hot and the flying foxes were in the trees, fanning themselves. This was a mother with a baby. The internet says these are black flying foxes. I used a high ISO (3200) in order to get a fast shutter speed on this lens.

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Project365 [167/365]: Lunar Eclipse

[2011-06-16] Lunar eclipse this morning. Thanks to Shell for the heads up! I don't really have the appropriate kit for capturing the moon at night, but I was out there anyway with my mini tripod balanced on the car roof, trying to find the balance between ISO (noisy) and shutter speed (any more than 2 seconds and the moon moves). It was very pretty nonetheless.

Project365 [206/365]: Slow down, stupid

Opportunistic shot. I tried to get the skid marks (and the torn up grass) in the shot as well as the broken sign. I always have a loud-but-silent laugh to myself at the irony, when a car has taken out a speed sign whilst out of control.

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Royce was sitting patiently and intently next to the food table, waiting for something tasty to "fall off".

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Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Project365 [256/365]: Sunny Keyhole

When I arrived home, I noticed that there was a strong light shining through the keyhole in the laundry. The setting sun was perfectly lined up to shine through between the surrounding houses. The macro filter is a relatively simple design compared to the other modern lenses that I have and the flare is very unpredictable. Also due to the bright sunlight and flare, the autofocus had a lot of trouble. This shot was one that worked with autofocus but so many shots I just couldn't lock on, so I moved to manual focus and rocked back and forward until I had good focus. I already had a shot for the day but chose this one to keep due to repeatability - there would only be a couple of days per year that this shot would be able to be done.

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Project365 [009/365]: Magic Pumpkin Seed

Some weeks ago I bartered a magic pumpkin seed, and now I have these giant pumpkin leaves to hide under whenever the rain gets heavy. By the way, comment button is to the left.

Project365 [326/365]: Rays

I like the way this is a stylisation of the sun's rays, and the sign incorporates artificial lighting from different points to create multiple shadows.

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Southport Protected Beach

Looking to take Evelyn for her first taste (har) of the sea, we saw that the Gold Coast City Council had set up a new park and protected swim area at Southport.

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iPod Cookies

Lui made some cookies for James' last day at work. These are 1st Gen iPod Nanos.

Project365 [012/365]: Flood Peak

We had a sleepless night checking the water, and the news and twitter for updates. In the morning, the road was completely cut off, and the water was slowly rising. The power was cut at 4am. The water peaked at 4pm, one block from our place, though we had quite a few metres up our sleeves. We were lucky - so much of the rest of Ipswich, Brisbane, and many other places in Queensland, went under.

Googly Nose Ring

I was walking around the city looking for inspiration, and I saw this doorknob. With a pair of googly eyes on top, I reckon it looks like a nose ring.

Project365 [020/365]: Lui and the Sweet Potato

[2011-01-20] Lui harvested some more sweet potatoes. If these things weren't so tasty, they would be considered a weed. They are irrepressible. Examples: I've had a plant grow from a slice put in the compost; and one branch that I mowed over continued to grow from a one-inch fragment - and put out roots.

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Project365 [186/365]: Busted!

I was out attempting to snap the impossible reflection (it was too late in the day - see shot 187/365). About to head back to the office, when I heard a siren and trained my lens on the source (is that a fancy way of saying I had a gawk?)


Early in the mornings, the perspex walls of the payphone cubicle are fogged up. At any time of day, the petrol station has a very bright priceboard. Combine the two and here we are.

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