Passionfruit Cake

Our passionfruit vine is dropping around one passionfruit per day, which is awesome. Lui made a passionfruit cake with passionfruit icing and it was awesome. Lui is also making a cookbook and I'm taking arty foody photographs.

Googly Katter

I've wanted to do this all week. Katter is a nutter. This is my political comment.

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Project365 [337/365]: Screwdriver Bits

I lost a Saturday, and by the time I could stand up straight it was night time and I had no photo taken. This is another go-to photo. We have one of those Ikea handles with screwdriver bits, for maximum convenience, and the soft metal gets marked fairly easily.

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This is for this week's get pushed challenge. My challenge this week was from @spankyjane to depict an expression of emotion. This has turned out to be incredibly difficult as so many people have their "nothing" face on in public. I am also less visible with my camera than I feel like, which is an important realisation for photographing in public.

Project365 [265/365]: Feather

Inspired by this shot by sweett@365project, I picked a feather from the garden* and set it up for a macro photo. * I grow feathers. Next to the nasturtiums. I set up a poor man's light box (without the box), using a flouro light from outside and a sheet of paper to diffuse the light. The paper has provided a neat texture for the background as well.

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Project365 [167/365]: Lunar Eclipse

[2011-06-16] Lunar eclipse this morning. Thanks to Shell for the heads up! I don't really have the appropriate kit for capturing the moon at night, but I was out there anyway with my mini tripod balanced on the car roof, trying to find the balance between ISO (noisy) and shutter speed (any more than 2 seconds and the moon moves). It was very pretty nonetheless.

Goodwill Bridge Pano

This is my third attempt to get a panoramic photo from this location. First two were taken during the day but stitching was almost impossible: The spans on the left-hand side of the picture are long and relatively featureless. I decided to try it at night, where dappled light is available, and this proved more successful. Shooting took two hours (bracketed long exposure plus careful recomposition for each shot). I still had to zoom in to 100% to find distinguishing features to stitch together - it came down to counting dots along the span, at times.

Project365 [247/365]: Finch in the Elms

I went out to shoot some galahs, but as it turns out, they don't look interesting when they're on the ground. The finches are though, and this guy/gal was nestled in some Chinese Elm seedlings (which I need to pull up before they turn in to demon trees).

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Project365 [285/365]: Monument

This is a pretty 19th century monument near riverside, with some neat gothic (I think) writing. I've been shooting with my camera in B&W mode. It's still saving as RAW, and when importing to Lightroom, they still come in in colour (on purpose), but it means I can immediately see how it's going to look in B&W when I'm out shooting.

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Project365 [341/365]: Diner

This is a lovely huge flame tree outside the train station at Ebbw Vale. Of course, in infrared, you can't see the firey colours. I think I'm going to put the R72 filter away for a while and instead spend some time reading up on what looks good. I'm having some trouble stepping away from the colourful world.

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Googly Bin

Bins are easy targets for eyebombing, as they have the big open mouth. This guy has a robot arm as well!

Project365 [197/365]: Pile o' pipes

It seems like this was a dumping spot for materials. Being so public, I assume it's temporary. I shot this through some metal fencing, but the long focal length and open aperture rendered the fence almost invisible.

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Project365 [325/365]: Reach for the Star(s)

Like yesterday, some lens flare, but this time on purpose. I was out for a lunchtime walk in Spring Hill and noticed this vine growing up the concrete wall. These vines are amazing and a menace - in both cases because they can attach on to anything and are very difficult to be rid of.

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The Making of Mick's Jump Shot

Alan and Mick invited me to a drain in Brisbane... for light painting. Oliver was there as well, and he light-painted the floor. Alan set off the flash manually on the count of three. I was further back and took a "making of" shot. Mick's shot is here.

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Project365 [078/365]: Singapore Orchids

Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and went to see the orchid exhibit. We stayed longer than anticipated due to a famous Singapore thunderstorm (took cover in a shelter while the weather raged overhead). Before the storm, it was dark (ISO 1600 territory); after the storm, everything had water droplets on and it was bright (ISO 400).

Seven Hills TAFE - June #8/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This is one of the walls and windows in the ceramics block, with some pretty elaborate art.

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Seven Hills TAFE - June #5/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This is a big broken thing. I suppose it was in there in order to get repaired, but it never was. I tried to HDR this but I still haven't got the hang of HDR photography.

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Project365 [146/365]: First Pumpkin Harvest

[2011-05-26] First harvest of pumpkins (Kent or Jap, not sure how you can tell them apart). As the weather has turned cold, the vine has died off so growing time is over for this crop.

Riders #1

The bike path is being resurfaced so runners are being diverted to street level. Riders still get to ride on the low path though. The river restaurant is still gutted, with no sign of it being rebuilt.

Project365 [312/365]: Springs

This is the outside of a parking station in Brisbane. I can only imagine what the springs are for - to stop the upper floors floating away? I intentionally overexposed this, as I wanted the background scene to be trailing away to white.

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Valley Shops

Back of a row of shops in the Valley. I wonder if people live there as well - it seems that it would be most unpleasant.

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Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Project365 [034/365]: Squash

I am back playing squash again. Now James, Lui and Evelyn all come along. I must have lost several kilos of water tonight. See if you can spot something wrong with this picture.

Story Bridge Panorama

This is a 23-shot panorama from the park under the Story Bridge. I rode over from work during my lunch break, with my camera and tripod strapped on, and shot this as quickly as I could before riding back. I used Hugin to process this, and it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped (see post processing comments).

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Googly Arnie

Arnie has flexed a little too hard. I saw this in a shop window but didn't want to stick googly eyes on their glass while they were open, so I skulked around after they were shut.

Project365 [335/365]: Tap

This is the tap in our laundry. I experimented with some more IR photographs today but they didn't really turn out very well (much to learn) so this was a go-to photo. I accidentally left the custom white balance set for IR photos (but once I saw the effect, left it on).

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Project365 [316/365]: Rip it Up

Having been quoted $15k to fix some rotten wood in our verandah, we've decided to do part of it ourselves. The quote was a worst case quote, on the assumption that everything had to be replaced. Lui has taken the mallet to it and found 1 inch of rotten wood and otherwise perfect planks. Early days yet. I put the camera quite close to the action and the lens was sprayed with debris, but worth it.

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Project365 [236/365]: Fig Swallows Fence

The figs in the park were planted in 1870 and are pretty special to look at. I walk past here once a week on my way to Bridge to Brisbane training, but only have my iPhone with me at that point - not much good for taking photos in the dark of a dark tree. So I rode over today during lunch time with a backpack of lenses and made sure I got something to be happy with. I had originally intended to get a fish-eye shot of the roots from floor to sky, but it ended up not looking fantastic.

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Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Project365 [028/365]: Witnessed by

[2011-01-28] I was asked to witness an agreement being made between Kayla and Lynnette. I have no idea what that agreement was, but I witnessed it.

Morning Stretch

Not sure if intentional when the lunch room was designed, but the light shone through at just the right angle. I almost dropped my cup of tea.

Damper Dough Fingers

Before heading out for the day, Evelyn and I made some damper. We ate most of it fresh out of the oven, then pocketed the rest to have for lunch. I set the the camera up on the bench, prefocused, then set it to grab 5 exposures in a row.

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Valley Window Shopping

Walking through the Valley, all shops that are vacant have smashed windows. It's not that only these shops get smashed up, just that the occupied shops are the ones that get their windows replaced.

Queens Park Orb #1

After an evening of unsuccessful drain exploring (and really wet shoes), Al and I headed for Queens Park and he did some light painting. I am taking notes.

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Royce was sitting patiently and intently next to the food table, waiting for something tasty to "fall off".

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Project365 [251/365]: Southbank Steps

At the southern end of the parklands, there used to be some restaurants and it was always the crap end. Lately, the restaurants had their leases terminated/not renewed, and the buildings demolished. In their place, a lovely public space has been developed, including these steps. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted a shot of Lui and Evelyn sitting on the steps. Exposure was in manual mode, as the backlighting on the steps would otherwise have confused the camera. That said, the few I took in Program mode weren't too bad, but there was no guarantee it would get it right each time.

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Fanning Flying-Fox

It's very hot and the flying foxes were in the trees, fanning themselves. This was a mother with a baby. The internet says these are black flying foxes. I used a high ISO (3200) in order to get a fast shutter speed on this lens.

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Project365 [347/365]: Infrared Bike

I saw this scene from the train [yesterday], and thought I could make something of it. I rode my bike there and stacked all of my filters together (NIR R72, polariser and fisheye macro) and set the smallest aperture possible (f/29) to get the longest NIR exposure that I could. The bike being in the way started out as laziness, later became a feature. My cable release is stuffed - I spend more time jiggling it than exposing photos. I paid way too much for it ($10), many years ago. I'm hoping I can find a good $2 replacement from HK/CN.

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Project365 [016/365]: BBQing

[2011-01-16] The power is now back on at our place (it had been off since Wednesday 4am). While the lights were out, we used the BBQ a few times to cook, about as much as we have used it since we moved in. Now I'm determined to use it more often.

Project365 [021/365]: Flooded Ferry Stop

[2011-01-21] Moggill Ferry - there is a very clear line where the river peaked. The ferry held on by one cable. There used to be a park on the opposite shore, but it is completely gone. The old ferry, which Wikipedia says serviced the crossing from the 1940s to the 1970s (my memory tells me it was broken in the 1974 floods), used to reside as a relic in the park - now I guess it's part of the river again!

Project365 [138/365]: Full Moon Morning

[2011-05-18] Full moon, 6am at Booval. I wasn't prepared for such a view of the moon while walking to the train station in the morning, and had to hop back home to fetch the long lens in order to capture this.

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Miami Facing North

On holiday on the Gold Coast, which gave me an opportunity to head up here at night and take a long exposure facing north. With a ten minute exposure, I wanted to capture a picture of the water smoothed out.

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Project365 [250/365]: Roof Scratchings

At Central Station there is a clear perspex roof over one section. The amusing thing about a clear perspex roof is eventually it gets scratched to hell, and become brittle and quite not-clear any more.

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Project365 [248/365]: Moss

I walk past a park most days (when I'm not lazy and drive instead), and there is a stone with a great lot of moss on it. I had planned to take a fisheye of the moss but it quickly turned out that that was not the way to go. Luckily fisheye and macro filters are on the same bit of kit, so I got to work with the macro instead.

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Project365 [278/365]: Another Impossible Tree

This is a door to something that is underground, presumably utility-related. I had never noticed the tree growing out from the top of it before. When composing, I wanted to keep the text in the photo as well, as a offset.

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Point Danger Lightpainting #2

I set up the camera on tripod with a minute delay, and hopped down to the sand to for this photo. I called it off about two minutes in because I was getting bitten on my head by mozzies!

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Up To Yer Elbows

A truck was broken down, centre lane on Kessels Rd, at just the wrong time of day. This mechanic was up to his elbows, trying to get it going again.