Valley Shops

Back of a row of shops in the Valley. I wonder if people live there as well - it seems that it would be most unpleasant.

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Project365 [122/365]: TROLOLOL

[2011-05-02] "u mad bro?" Relevant: @dewi
Trollface graffiti in Toowong. I still can't quite come to terms with the level of interaction internet culture has with meatspace post 2005 9 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck
@dewi whereabouts is the trollface? I must view! 10 Feb 2011 via Twitter for iPhone
@limefruit At the base of the footbridge over Coro, eassside 10 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck
@dewi went to see the painting in Friday- they'd already cleaned it up 12 Feb 2011 via Twitter for iPhone
@limefruit Yeah, I just drove past and it's gone. 12 Feb 2011 via TweetDeck

Passionfruit Cake

Our passionfruit vine is dropping around one passionfruit per day, which is awesome. Lui made a passionfruit cake with passionfruit icing and it was awesome. Lui is also making a cookbook and I'm taking arty foody photographs.

Infrared Eagle Sculpture

This is a 4 minute exposure using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus - It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again.

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Project365 [317/365]: Snail House

Lui put down some snail bait that, instead of poisoning them (and therefore anything that eats them), just increases their iron levels to a point that they don't feel like eating any more. When planting pumpkin seeds, I accidentally uncovered where they all crawled to die. This is inside a besa brick. I placed the fisheye inside, rested against a side and shot some bracketed exposures, intending to do HDR. In the end, it wasn't necessary.

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Max Brenner Chocolate

This is the chocolate display at Max Brenner. I assume most stores look the same. I like the subject, even if the composition is not very creative.


This is for this week's get pushed challenge. My challenge this week was from @spankyjane to depict an expression of emotion. This has turned out to be incredibly difficult as so many people have their "nothing" face on in public. I am also less visible with my camera than I feel like, which is an important realisation for photographing in public.

Project365 [042/365]: How To Grow A Sweet Potoato

[2011-02-11] Three steps to growing sweet potato.
  1. Buy a sweet potato;
  2. Wait a few weeks;
  3. Plant the resulting sprouts.
Last year we had a few sweet potatoes that produced sprouts for more than six months.

Project365 [255/365]: Happy Toes

I took a day in lieu and took Evelyn on a trip to the beach. I had plans to get a photo of her little feet in the sand, which proved to be quite a moving target.

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Project365 [016/365]: BBQing

[2011-01-16] The power is now back on at our place (it had been off since Wednesday 4am). While the lights were out, we used the BBQ a few times to cook, about as much as we have used it since we moved in. Now I'm determined to use it more often.

Up To Yer Elbows

A truck was broken down, centre lane on Kessels Rd, at just the wrong time of day. This mechanic was up to his elbows, trying to get it going again.

Project365 [291/365]: Citroen

Nearby to yesterday's and last week's photos, this building has an imprint of a sign, backwards. My guess is they built this building against another that has since been knocked down and the only thing remaining is this imprint. I was deliberately going for a semi-high-key shot here. Could also have been done as a normal high contrast exposure. Also deliberately used a wide aperture (f/2.2) in bright daylight, because I wanted the fence to be out of focus in the lower foreground, and to (almost completely) obscure the barbed wire that actually runs through the upper-left of the picture.

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Project365 [017/365]: Goodna Toybox

[2011-01-17] Goodna Caravan Park (now Goodna Toybox) as seen from the Ipswich Motorway. I was on the rail-replacement bus because the trains still can't go through Goodna.

Project365 [256/365]: Sunny Keyhole

When I arrived home, I noticed that there was a strong light shining through the keyhole in the laundry. The setting sun was perfectly lined up to shine through between the surrounding houses. The macro filter is a relatively simple design compared to the other modern lenses that I have and the flare is very unpredictable. Also due to the bright sunlight and flare, the autofocus had a lot of trouble. This shot was one that worked with autofocus but so many shots I just couldn't lock on, so I moved to manual focus and rocked back and forward until I had good focus. I already had a shot for the day but chose this one to keep due to repeatability - there would only be a couple of days per year that this shot would be able to be done.

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Project365 [221/365]: Mural

On my morning bike rides, sometimes I ride past this mural, painted under the Merivale Bridge. This area was cleaned up recently, as before it was generally occupied by homeless people - they've been moved on. I'd had three months to plan this picture, as I first planned it just before winter set in (I generally don't ride in the mornings in winter..brr! Of course, this morning I did ride, and it was 0 degrees when I set out.) I had to choose my angle carefully to avoid too much reflection on the paint (as seen in the top right hand corner of the picture). A polariser would cut that out, but the polariser doesn't work well with the 0.42x filter (the result is completely uneven).

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Merc Logo

Mercedes parked on the side of the road after a sunshower.

Project365 [103/365]: Autumn

[2011-04-13] They actually have an autumn down here! We are staying at Mt Dandenong with Chalk and Laura. It's very pretty here.

Project365 [208/365]: Finch

On the street toward the railway, there are lots of fences and hedges that finches love to jump around in. Most days there are many, today there was only one and it wasn't happy about being followed!

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Project365 [265/365]: Feather

Inspired by this shot by sweett@365project, I picked a feather from the garden* and set it up for a macro photo. * I grow feathers. Next to the nasturtiums. I set up a poor man's light box (without the box), using a flouro light from outside and a sheet of paper to diffuse the light. The paper has provided a neat texture for the background as well.

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Double Exposure: Police and Graffiti

THIS is what I had in mind when I went searching for double exposure opportunities. One is the Queensland Police HQ on Roma Street, the other is a graffiti covered wall at Bundamba.

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Early in the mornings, the perspex walls of the payphone cubicle are fogged up. At any time of day, the petrol station has a very bright priceboard. Combine the two and here we are.

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Project365 [217/365]: Plane and Runway

I had a few days off work and ended up with a day to myself, so I went on another riding odyssey. I rode from Brisbane city to Eight Mile Plains, intending to ride back. Instead, I changed my mind and cut across to Wacol instead, which took me past Archerfield. In short, this photo was completely unplanned. For the photo itself, I stood outside the fence and shot through. When shooting over a lot of tarmac, there is a lot of distortion, although that is not what I was aiming for. I was actually trying to get a shot of a plane just about to touch down, or something that looked close to it from my vantage point. I was using AI Servo focus (tracking focus), but it mis-focused most of the time. I believe it is deliberately hobbled in lower models of camera, of which mine was the lowest for the time. The great thing I've found about AI Servo focus is when it does have a hit, it's a beauty.

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Project365 [360/365]: Richard and Evelyn

Uncle Richard is up from Sydney to visit Nana and Grandpa. I took the opportunity to get a portrait with Evelyn. Nana and Grandpa's house already had the best lighting and colours imaginable, and two new skylights have made this even better.

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Toothbrush Macro

This is for the get-pushed-43 challenge from @nicoleterheide: "for this challenge I want you to keep it closer to home. Find something in your house that you use a lot and make an interesting photo of that. For inspiration take a look at the mundane challenges." I spent a few days thinking about it and came up with this. This is my toothbrush, much used and in my house. It is lit from the side by a torch.

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Queens Park Snake

A close-up of a python - not through glass! This is just a model though, vertical on a wall. This was a demonstration of how a few steps (and crouch) can completely change an image.

Look up #1

I took a walk at lunch and spent all of my time looking up.

First Solarise

As usual, I attempted the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge after the challenge was over. This time, the "Solarize challenge (or Solarise for British English) was simply to make an engaging solarised picture.

Project365 [154/365]: Spinning Light

[2011-06-03] Light atop some railway maintenance vehicles. These were parked at Bundamba for a week, with scheduled maintenance shutting down the line this weekend. This equipment was all on rails, but it seems there was a dude paid to sit next to it day-and-night to make sure no-one pinched it.

Project365 [310/365]: First Focus Stack

I read about focus stacking and decided to try it for myself. The root here was placed at an angle so that it was not possible to get all of it in focus (even at f/29). The final image is formed from three source photos - one focused on the left, one on the middle and one on the right, and combined using CombineZP.

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Project365 [334/365]: Train Racing

This is inspired by @QueenslandRail's post ( on train racing:
Train Racing on 365 Project Train Racing: Pretending the train you’re on is racing the train next to you. Immature? Yes. Fun? Tonnes.
Conveniently for me, the 5.28 Ipswich express and the 5.25 Richlands all stations services race eachother at some point down the line.

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Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Project365 [063/365]: Stored Bacardi

Bacardi put herself on a small shelf in the cupboard, where the soft things were being stored. I withdrew the photo I had already uploaded for today. The photo was a bit underwelming... and while the possum sculpture is not going anywhere, it is very difficult to get Bacardi to sit still for 1/3 of a second for a photo. I will grab a better pic of the possum soon.

Project365 [259/365]: Man vs. Nature

I imagine the narrative goes a little like this: Build fence; Plant hedge; Paint fence - hedge is in the way - paint hedge as well; Cut hedge I discovered this while walking to Bridge to Brisbane training a few weeks ago and snapped it a few times but wasn't satisfied with the results so went back for another try.

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Project365 [022/365]: Josie's Flooded House

[2011-01-22] Josie is indicating how high the flood waters came in her house. Today we removed the lower plasterboard walls in all rooms - up to 1.2m. (I did leave before the job was finished though, but the platoon of volunteers seemed to have it in hand.) We've created a new open living "solution".

Project365 [045/365]: Sporty Sculpture

[2011-02-14] Kangaroo Point - at the base of the cliffs. Mum asked for this photo.* This is on one of my extended tracks - I rode 20km in the morning and 10km in the afternoon. The BBQs still aren't fixed after the floods, but the rest of the park is in good enough nick. * Later edit: This is not the photo that mum actually wanted. She actually wanted one of the Fish Fossil - I found it later in the year.


Themis at the Brisbane court house.

Lots of Lines

As the land slopes down from one side of the block to the other, this section of the block is elevated to the first or second floor of the building opposite. There were a reasonable number of people sitting around having lunch on the grounds.

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Miami Facing North

On holiday on the Gold Coast, which gave me an opportunity to head up here at night and take a long exposure facing north. With a ten minute exposure, I wanted to capture a picture of the water smoothed out.

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Project365 [086/365]: Companions

[2011-03-27] These two recepticles have been my constant companions today. There is a hole in my bucket, but I don't know anyone by the name of Eliza who might be able to advise what to do with it.

Valley Building Site #2

This is one of the source images from the Building Site Panorama. I think it's a neat enough image that it's worth viewing by itself.

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Project365 [121/365]: Vietnamese Mint

[2011-05-01] These are the flowers of a Vietnamese Mint. I bought this plant as a bit of a lark, to see what it was like. As it turns out, we don't much like the flavour of the mint, but the plant grows and takes care of itself, and maybe we'll find a dish that suits it one day.

Mt Coot-tha Lookout

After reading up a bit on street photography, I thought I'd give it a go. PHotographing people at a touristy lookout is 0% "street" but I'm counting it as practice.

Project365 [199/365]: <3 foggy mornings

Walking to the train station, it was a beautiful foggy morning and I was searching for a scene that would make a good photo. This is a football field and I've never noticed spider webs on the fence before, but the water droplets helped point them out to me.

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Project365 [325/365]: Reach for the Star(s)

Like yesterday, some lens flare, but this time on purpose. I was out for a lunchtime walk in Spring Hill and noticed this vine growing up the concrete wall. These vines are amazing and a menace - in both cases because they can attach on to anything and are very difficult to be rid of.

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Project365 [322/365]: Permanent Mark

This is a permanent survey mark on a bridge near Central Station. I like finding these marks, as you really have to be looking to see them. Part of keeping to the project for me has been walking around the city with eyes peeled, looking for all of the detail that I can find.

Purga Servo #3/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)


Deanna gave the three kids a bath - thanks Deanna! The kids enjoyed themselves. Trivia: Conor said that Nicholas would have been named Evelyn, had he been born a girl.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #11/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. Some more practicing lighting using the light sabres. One blue, one purple, against the far wall.

Riders #2

The riders ride in packs this early in the morning. There is a bike path, but the big packs tend to ride on the road.

iPod Cookies

Lui made some cookies for James' last day at work. These are 1st Gen iPod Nanos.

Project365 [244/365]: Riverside Shade Sail

Walking from work to Southbank, I have walked by this a few times. I'm not sure what purpose this serves (though Google would probably know - Google knows everything). The way I see it, it's only useful for people working in the Riverside Centre to get to the sushi shop without having to use an umbrella. Pretty though.

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Googly Nose Ring

I was walking around the city looking for inspiration, and I saw this doorknob. With a pair of googly eyes on top, I reckon it looks like a nose ring.

Project365 [222/365]: Post Office Square Stairs

I have only recently discovered the wonder of Post Office Square, and I love its hustle and bustle. I've been checking out photo ops around the place (and there are many). For this particular one, my intention was to grab a shot using the fisheye, which included people sitting at tables down below, and people sitting in the park above. Once I actually tried to execute the picture, it became fairly obvious that that wasn't going to be possible (with my equipment and vantage point anyway). The circular staircase was going to be a feature anyway, so I changed tack a little bit and shot this one. There is an unintentional pun in the title of this picture/post.

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Project365 [107/365]: Country Charm

[2011-04-17] A bit of country town "charm". This is on the property of a shopping duplex. One shop is always vacant, the other is run by a not-for-profit and is open a whole two hours per week. For a long time, I wondered how the hell the landlord made any money. Now it's for sale - so I guess they didn't.