Frosty Morning

The first week in August marked the first time my car has frozen over in Aus. I wasn't prepared for this, and it took about ten minutes of car on full heat/air con + scraping the windscreen to make a little viewing hole. On other days, I just walked instead.

Riverside Flood #1

The river did rise but nowhere near as much as in 2011. A bit of mud here and there.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #4/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. View out of a broken, spraypainted window, over a yard of vandalised walls.

Project365 [009/365]: Magic Pumpkin Seed

Some weeks ago I bartered a magic pumpkin seed, and now I have these giant pumpkin leaves to hide under whenever the rain gets heavy. By the way, comment button is to the left.

What A Load of Woodchips

At Safar Landscaping Supplies, if you ask nicely, they'll use the digger to load you up with stuff

Project365 [214/365]: Morning Flare

I had intended to take this for months, but it needed me to be on the late shift (and to remember to grab this shot between the train station and the office), or for the days to get longer again. The plan was to shoot directly in to the sun, behind a group of people who would create a shadow. Everything went better than expected. This is actually one block over from my usual path, because I was going to the 7-11 to buy an iced coffee. I also shot this on the normal path, but it wasn't as good.

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Project365 [221/365]: Mural

On my morning bike rides, sometimes I ride past this mural, painted under the Merivale Bridge. This area was cleaned up recently, as before it was generally occupied by homeless people - they've been moved on. I'd had three months to plan this picture, as I first planned it just before winter set in (I generally don't ride in the mornings in winter..brr! Of course, this morning I did ride, and it was 0 degrees when I set out.) I had to choose my angle carefully to avoid too much reflection on the paint (as seen in the top right hand corner of the picture). A polariser would cut that out, but the polariser doesn't work well with the 0.42x filter (the result is completely uneven).

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Project365 [167/365]: Lunar Eclipse

[2011-06-16] Lunar eclipse this morning. Thanks to Shell for the heads up! I don't really have the appropriate kit for capturing the moon at night, but I was out there anyway with my mini tripod balanced on the car roof, trying to find the balance between ISO (noisy) and shutter speed (any more than 2 seconds and the moon moves). It was very pretty nonetheless.

Project365 [124/365]: Church Bell

[2011-05-04] A church near our work, with what looks to be a mechanical bird that pecks the bell. There are a lot of churches at this end of town (the solid end). This is as opposed to the other end of town (the part built on sand, not there 100 years ago, severely unlikely to still be there in 100 years time).

Mt Coot-tha Lookout

After reading up a bit on street photography, I thought I'd give it a go. PHotographing people at a touristy lookout is 0% "street" but I'm counting it as practice.

Project365 [081/365]: Sunrise

[2011-03-22] Sunrise on the plane. We took the overnight flight back to Brisbane so that we would maximise our time in Singapore, while maybe even arriving home 'refreshed'. The plane was actually facing east, so this was our view to the north.


There are a bunch of these guys hanging out around the area. They don't squawk a lot, but you can tell they are around when they are eating seeds off the trees - crackle crackle crackle. Identified as Corellas via: Science Direct website

Project365 [201/365]: Broccoli - up close and healthy

I bought this piece of broccoli with the intention of photographing it, then eating it. I put both off for a few days, which meant the latter wasn't going to be much good. I set up the broccoli on our kitchen table in front of the purple wall (to contrast with the green vegetable), propped up by an oven mit. I had the camera sitting on the table, propped up with one of Evelyn's bibs - to change the angle ever-so-slightly.

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Project365 [343/365]: Get A Tan

Today I visited Molescan to have this spot checked. It appeared a year ago and I thought it was a pimple at first, but it never went away. Then it started to change colour, and bleed sometimes. Doctor went "hmm", and decided to remove it. He said it was too early for it to be a problem but it had the potential to turn into something. The photo itself was an interesting challenge that I had been thinking about for a week. I set myself up in the bathroom in front of a full length mirror. With camera mounted on tripod, I aimed the lens at myself and looked at the rear screen via the mirror. I don't have live view but I was able to peek at the photo review to see if I was on the right track. This took about 30 goes to get right.

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Project365 [154/365]: Spinning Light

[2011-06-03] Light atop some railway maintenance vehicles. These were parked at Bundamba for a week, with scheduled maintenance shutting down the line this weekend. This equipment was all on rails, but it seems there was a dude paid to sit next to it day-and-night to make sure no-one pinched it.

Lighter Than Air

This is in response to a get-pushed challenge from @frida: To take an image that represents 'lighter than air'. This was especially tough. I had this idea in my head but the execution turned out quite different. The coffin is a roving prop that Queensland Rail take to different stations as part of a campaign to stop people crossing the tracks when a train is coming. It is pictured here at Central station - although there are no accessible tracks at Central, a lot of people would be coming from a station where there is a track crossing somewhere. The clouds are from Ebbw Vale station. The idea I had in my head was a cliched image of a grave in the clouds.

Passionfruit Cake

Our passionfruit vine is dropping around one passionfruit per day, which is awesome. Lui made a passionfruit cake with passionfruit icing and it was awesome. Lui is also making a cookbook and I'm taking arty foody photographs.

Ant Farmers

These are ants that are farming aphids. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

Project365 [307/365]: Speaker

This is the external speaker on our cordless phone base station. I cropped out all the bits that make it look like anything. This was a go-to image for me since my main idea for the day didn't work out.

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Southbank: Dancing Movement

This is for the get-pushed-41 challenge from @mbrunner: "to capture motion. could be traffic, people, sports, whatever moves. if this is too boring - an extra: 'motion with emotion'." It is the Buddha's birthday celebration all weekend at Southbank. At the western end of the parkland a stage was set up with heaps of food stalls and bouncy castles. These guys were dancing in front of the stage. Emotion would be happiness!

Project365 [361/365]: Where The Trains Sleep

We were driving around trying to get Evelyn to sleep on Christmas night (she refused to sleep for five hours - what stamina). The trains were not running on the Ipswich/Rosewood/Richlands lines due to track work. I don't know if the trains are normally parked up here but they were this long weekend.

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Sleepy Time

The kids going to sleep in front of Peppa Pig. It was way past bed time.

Queens Park Piglet

Pig's eye view in the piglet pen of Queens Park. This was taken during a photo lesson and I was demonstrating the act of scatter-shooting without being able to compose properly (leaning over the fence with arms stretched).

Project365 [199/365]: <3 foggy mornings

Walking to the train station, it was a beautiful foggy morning and I was searching for a scene that would make a good photo. This is a football field and I've never noticed spider webs on the fence before, but the water droplets helped point them out to me.

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Project365 [203/365]: Proof that I wash my car...sometimes

It is a notable event when I wash my car, along the lines of Haley's comet coming to visit. I soaped up the car (using my first dollar), and made sure to put a fresh lot of soap on the bits that were in frame before each shot (took 15 in total - was trying to get the shot quickly without annoying those waiting in queue).

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Project365 [210/365]: Building Skaters

I was walking through the city on my way to taking another photo that I had planned, when I saw that there was a part of footpath blocked off. I looked up and that was it. Yes, of course they are cleaning windows, but now that I've looked a bit closer, I think it looks like they are ice skating.

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Project365 [299/365]: Hibiscus

There are many hibuscus planted around the city and they are in bloom at the moment. My trouble was finding one in a garden that I could climb in to in order to get a macro shot.

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Evelyn and Flare

This was at Evelyn's birthday party. I was shooting low and into the sun, with a partial Evelyn eclipse.

Entrance Under Construction

The front area to 300 Ann St is being upgraded, and part of it is this pretty spiffy dome feature. The rest is still in progress.

Project365 [273/365]: Crossdrop

A new garden outside the refurbished pub down the road attracts dewdrops and is a pleasure to see on the days I can drag myself past the car and up to the train station on foot.

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Project365 [316/365]: Rip it Up

Having been quoted $15k to fix some rotten wood in our verandah, we've decided to do part of it ourselves. The quote was a worst case quote, on the assumption that everything had to be replaced. Lui has taken the mallet to it and found 1 inch of rotten wood and otherwise perfect planks. Early days yet. I put the camera quite close to the action and the lens was sprayed with debris, but worth it.

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Project365 [342/365]: Berry Protection

We have some berries planted in the back yard, and in an attempt to stop them turning into a bramble, they are stacked vertically. The first berries of the season are starting to ripen. It looks like this little guy is protecting the berries - at least they haven't been eaten by anything yet. (Must be careful though, last year some of the berries had fruit fly.)

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Project365 [248/365]: Moss

I walk past a park most days (when I'm not lazy and drive instead), and there is a stone with a great lot of moss on it. I had planned to take a fisheye of the moss but it quickly turned out that that was not the way to go. Luckily fisheye and macro filters are on the same bit of kit, so I got to work with the macro instead.

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Peekaboo Emu

These guys/gals were drinking water off the wet deck, which was hilarious.

Victoria Bridge Sunset

Walking from the city to West End for dinner, I crossed Victoria Bridge at just the right moment. Nothing exceptional about this, but I did like the way the light poles lined up.

Project365 [328/365]: What Lies Underneath

Lui had the great idea of using our crowbar* to lever up the concrete and tiles. This has made things move much faster. Unfortunately, no paranoid old man stashed his fortune underneath the tiles on our verandah, but somebody did put down some very fine wood that has stood for 55+ years. * It's a long crowbar, which we also use to pull out tree roots

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Le Grab

I was just taking pictures in the crowd, panning for gold. This guy must have seen me from across the way and selflessly gave me a great photo.

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Project365 [267/365]: Galah

Went out for a second try at shooting galahs. There were plenty about though the shots of the group didn't look great (it would have been nice to get a fluke of them all lined up, but that didn't happen). I was actually after a crow shot, as on Thursday there was a cute potential photo of a crow drinking the last drops of water from the bird bath. I filled the bird bath with a dribble of water, but the crows were nowhere to be seen today.

Project365 [283/365]: Kiss Kiss

I was trying to walk off a sick feeling and came across this scene. This intersection has no priority turning, and I reckon both of these buses tried to run a yellow light. P.S. Sick feeling stuck around.

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Seven Hills Tafe #2

Alan Warren, AKA The Best Photographic Buddy A Guy Could Have, obtained permission to be on the property and access these abandoned buildings. I arrived (very) late, and then hung around after everyone else had gone home. This picture is a composite of two shots. I tried a few different ideas, but my attempts to do this in one shot weren't working out. I was starting to get a bit creeped out being along in this place and I didn't have the patience to do a full five minute exposure. The first shot of this composite was me shining the torch directly at the lens for about half a second during a 30 second exposure. When this did not capture any of the ambient scene, I took the second shot with me behind the camera, lighting the scene with the screen of my phone for a 25 second exposure. I then combined them in Photoshop (details below).

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Macro Abstact in Colour

This is for the Get Pushed challenge 35. My challenge was "Macro Abstract in Colour" - thanks to @voileta! This certainly was hard to adjust to, as I'm used to drawing particular pictures, even in macro. I guess the trick here is: context - make sure there is none.

Project365 [134/365]: Crawling Outside

[2011-05-14] After spending a lot of time on making the house baby-safe (it still is not; only certain zones are), we now have to start the same process on the yard. I sense a lot of fencing in our near future.

The Making of Mick's Jump Shot

Alan and Mick invited me to a drain in Brisbane... for light painting. Oliver was there as well, and he light-painted the floor. Alan set off the flash manually on the count of three. I was further back and took a "making of" shot. Mick's shot is here.

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Project365 [364/365]: Mobile

Mum sent over this beautiful bird mobile for Evelyn, for Christmas. She sells very nice hand-made stuff at House of Shallana. My main idea was to place this over Evelyn's cot while she was asleep and photograph the two of them, but that quickly unravelled when she was refusing to sleep. I couldn't risk turning on the light and using the noisy clunking SLR to photograph the scene (though I reckon it would have been excellent), since it had already taken two hours to get her to sleep the first time. Instead I made do with this "safe" photo, taken long before we tried to set her down to sleep. I try to take a safe photo in case the experimental one does not work out.

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Project365 [233/365]: A Trip To The Tip

I set the camera up with my tripod and cable release, and set it to continuously shoot while I went around and emptied the trailer. I had planned the shot so that the tripod would be on the ground on the passenger side of the car. After some morning rain, the ground was rather muddy so I opted to put the tripod on the car roof instead.

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Project365 [184/365]: Evelyn and Trampoline

With the kids party and trampoline, we didn't know if Evelyn was up for playing with the bigger kids but it turned out she was. When I was taking photos, I tried taking them while the door of the netting was open, but it was too hard to get everything lined up. When shooting through netting, I had to be careful that the camera didn't autofocus on the netting and not Evelyn. We went to Thomas and Jorja's first birthday party and put Evelyn on the trampoline. Putting overprotective parent instincts aside, she didn't get trampled by the other kids on the trampoline at the time, and ended up having a ball.

My Own Easter Egg Hunt

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. Easter egg hunt at Nana's place. I placed the camera behind the broms but the girls would not stand still for a second, and certainly not in frame, so I posed by myself.

Project365 [010/365]: Shoreline Maintenance

[2011-01-10] A day off work today, we drove around and ran errands - visiting businesses that aren't open at weekends. We stopped at West End and saw council dumping boulders in the river. They say it's to maintain the shoreline. These efforts are being confounded by the flooding river - every time a CityCat went past, waves washed over the path. This photo was processed using the ol' dodge and burn tools (AKA adjustment overlays) in Lightroom. See if you can spot the edges!

Evelyn Helping

Lui is taking grass from the front of the house (where there is too much grass) to the back (where there is too little).

Project365 [165/365]: Elephant Rock Mermaid

[2011-06-14] Today I took the train down to the Gold Coast and went for a ride. I started off at Helensvale station, and rode via The Spit at Southport, down to Elephant Rock at Currumbin, then back to Varsity Lakes station to come home - 70km in total. Last time I did this ride was in 2008, and it pwned me then as well. This mermaid statue at Elephant Rock was a lot more rude from the front.

Project365 [045/365]: Sporty Sculpture

[2011-02-14] Kangaroo Point - at the base of the cliffs. Mum asked for this photo.* This is on one of my extended tracks - I rode 20km in the morning and 10km in the afternoon. The BBQs still aren't fixed after the floods, but the rest of the park is in good enough nick. * Later edit: This is not the photo that mum actually wanted. She actually wanted one of the Fish Fossil - I found it later in the year.

Motorcycle Panning Triptych

This is for my get-pushed-42 challenge from @noragentian: "What do you think about a panning shot? You can choose if the main object should be sharp or blurred by movement." I went out shooting at Queens Park with my gr8 m8-o-m9 Al Warren. We set out to do star trails, but in between I tried the panning shot. There is a medium sweeping downhill run past the park and the hoons were doing laps. I only saw this motorcyclist once though. I found that I got a better result if I didn't have the camera up to my eye, but just aimed and panned with it at chest level. The triptych processing was Al's idea!

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Project365 [078/365]: Singapore Orchids

Today we visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and went to see the orchid exhibit. We stayed longer than anticipated due to a famous Singapore thunderstorm (took cover in a shelter while the weather raged overhead). Before the storm, it was dark (ISO 1600 territory); after the storm, everything had water droplets on and it was bright (ISO 400).

Roma Street Waterfall #2

This is similar to the last photo, but much closer to the action. Because of the spray from the water hitting the ground, many of the photos did not work out. I also had to keep moving the camera to dry it out, which mucked up the composition (can't compose easily with an R72 filter on the front - it's point and guess).

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Project365 [082/365]: First Day at Childcare

[2011-03-23] Evelyn's first day at childcare today. One significant aspect of this photo was cropped out - the other kids (the guys did ask me not to photograph the other kids - fair enough). After a bit of a false start, she went to play with the toys.. and in the afternoon I think she took a while to remember who we were.

Project365 [062/365]: Boomgates

Slightly east of Ebbw Vale station. To the eagle-eyed, yes, there is a trend here - I do catch the train from Ebbw Vale in the morning. Next up - the ticket machine.

Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Project365 [107/365]: Country Charm

[2011-04-17] A bit of country town "charm". This is on the property of a shopping duplex. One shop is always vacant, the other is run by a not-for-profit and is open a whole two hours per week. For a long time, I wondered how the hell the landlord made any money. Now it's for sale - so I guess they didn't.

Infrared Gold Coast

I set the camera up for a long exposure of the building looking south from our apartment. I forgot the tripod so I balanced camera on a pillow against the railing. I still had to hold the strap because there are gusts of wind - decision vindicated as one gust took my camera over the edge.

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