Project365 [088/365]: Lit Pumpkin

[2011-03-29] The pumpkin patch has produced a lot of leaves, but this is the first actual pumpkin that has grown to any size. The rest all seem to fail - possibly not being fertilised properly. Lit by my iPhone.

Googly Katter

I've wanted to do this all week. Katter is a nutter. This is my political comment.

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Project365 [335/365]: Tap

This is the tap in our laundry. I experimented with some more IR photographs today but they didn't really turn out very well (much to learn) so this was a go-to photo. I accidentally left the custom white balance set for IR photos (but once I saw the effect, left it on).

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St. Stephen's Roof

This is some old roofing at St Stephen's Cathedral, the old chapel. I came here sometimes for special school events.

Project365 [064/365]: Caterpillar

Another friendly fella(/sheila) in the garden. What sold this photo over the others I took today was the bokeh - it gives the image some BAM.

Project365 [199/365]: <3 foggy mornings

Walking to the train station, it was a beautiful foggy morning and I was searching for a scene that would make a good photo. This is a football field and I've never noticed spider webs on the fence before, but the water droplets helped point them out to me.

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Project365 [236/365]: Fig Swallows Fence

The figs in the park were planted in 1870 and are pretty special to look at. I walk past here once a week on my way to Bridge to Brisbane training, but only have my iPhone with me at that point - not much good for taking photos in the dark of a dark tree. So I rode over today during lunch time with a backpack of lenses and made sure I got something to be happy with. I had originally intended to get a fish-eye shot of the roots from floor to sky, but it ended up not looking fantastic.

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Project365 [193/365]: Smiley cookies by Lui

Lui baked some smiley face cookies and wanted me to take a photo for her portfolio. I stood on a chair to take the shot (due to the way our kitchen is laid out, this also gets me out of the light path). Lui's laptop happened to be on the table so I moved it in to the frame rather than out, and Lui had the idea of putting the piping bag in as well to complete the story. The laptop and the cooling trays are both half out-of-frame to

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Project365 [167/365]: Lunar Eclipse

[2011-06-16] Lunar eclipse this morning. Thanks to Shell for the heads up! I don't really have the appropriate kit for capturing the moon at night, but I was out there anyway with my mini tripod balanced on the car roof, trying to find the balance between ISO (noisy) and shutter speed (any more than 2 seconds and the moon moves). It was very pretty nonetheless.

Morning Stretch

Not sure if intentional when the lunch room was designed, but the light shone through at just the right angle. I almost dropped my cup of tea.

Project365 [075/365]: Calm Singapore

[2011-03-16] A nice calm scene, along the river nearish to Clarke Quay. This was adjacent to a sign forbidding riding of bikes under the bridge (with the threat of a S$1000 fine). I tried to brave through the tummy bug, but I ended up crying like a baby and sitting down/doubling over a lot.

Infrared Eagle Sculpture

This is a 4 minute exposure using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus - It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again.

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Project365 [294/365]: Occupy Brisbane

Joining in the global discontent, a tent city has appeared in Post Office Square. Similar protests in other places have been forcibly removed. These guys were not making much of a fuss when I was there, but it was the middle of the day and too hot for such things.

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Project365 [016/365]: BBQing

[2011-01-16] The power is now back on at our place (it had been off since Wednesday 4am). While the lights were out, we used the BBQ a few times to cook, about as much as we have used it since we moved in. Now I'm determined to use it more often.

Look up #1

I took a walk at lunch and spent all of my time looking up.

Macro Abstact in Colour

This is for the Get Pushed challenge 35. My challenge was "Macro Abstract in Colour" - thanks to @voileta! This certainly was hard to adjust to, as I'm used to drawing particular pictures, even in macro. I guess the trick here is: context - make sure there is none.

Project365 [042/365]: How To Grow A Sweet Potoato

[2011-02-11] Three steps to growing sweet potato.
  1. Buy a sweet potato;
  2. Wait a few weeks;
  3. Plant the resulting sprouts.
Last year we had a few sweet potatoes that produced sprouts for more than six months.

Project365 [214/365]: Morning Flare

I had intended to take this for months, but it needed me to be on the late shift (and to remember to grab this shot between the train station and the office), or for the days to get longer again. The plan was to shoot directly in to the sun, behind a group of people who would create a shadow. Everything went better than expected. This is actually one block over from my usual path, because I was going to the 7-11 to buy an iced coffee. I also shot this on the normal path, but it wasn't as good.

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Beachmere Startrails

Same spot as last photo. Out of 150 photos (30" exposures, no delay between each exposure), only the first 15 and last 19 shots + darkframe were usable. The middle 116 photos had too many clouds and couldn't be used. Effectively you could consider this to be a 19 shot startrail, because there was such a big gap between the two sets that they are not connected at all. These were assembled in StarStax, which seems to be more advanced than the Startrails program I was using before. Same result though for this application. I did use a darkshot this time (30" exposure with lens cap on) to remove noise - it was super effective. (Recap: Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots.)

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Project365 [316/365]: Rip it Up

Having been quoted $15k to fix some rotten wood in our verandah, we've decided to do part of it ourselves. The quote was a worst case quote, on the assumption that everything had to be replaced. Lui has taken the mallet to it and found 1 inch of rotten wood and otherwise perfect planks. Early days yet. I put the camera quite close to the action and the lens was sprayed with debris, but worth it.

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Project365 [212/365]: Night Drive

I set the camera up on the tripod and balanced it on the back seat. To keep the shutter tripping, I had the cable release in and stuck down (it has two settings). I then took Evelyn for a drive via the car wash. The idea was at least I'd get something usable from the trip. I've done this before, before Evelyn came along, where I had it pointed mainly at myself and the speedo, and used a normal lens rather than the wide-angle filter. I liked those results, so thought I'd bring the idea out again. I did a practice run of this exact setup a week ago, to make sure I would be able to get everything in.

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Seven Hills TAFE - June #4/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. View out of a broken, spraypainted window, over a yard of vandalised walls.

Project365 [086/365]: Companions

[2011-03-27] These two recepticles have been my constant companions today. There is a hole in my bucket, but I don't know anyone by the name of Eliza who might be able to advise what to do with it.

My Own Easter Egg Hunt

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. Easter egg hunt at Nana's place. I placed the camera behind the broms but the girls would not stand still for a second, and certainly not in frame, so I posed by myself.

Timed Taps

This is an ad for a new album called Push Once by Timed Taps

Project365 [034/365]: Squash

I am back playing squash again. Now James, Lui and Evelyn all come along. I must have lost several kilos of water tonight. See if you can spot something wrong with this picture.

Project365 [060/365]: The Red Weed

This is what I imagine the red weed would look like from War of the Worlds. This is at Ebbw Vale station. Creeping... crawling... choking...

Butterfly and Flower

A butterfly visiting a flower. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

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Seed Scan

While looking after Nana's bird, I dumped out the birdseed on the scanner.

Project365 [298/365]: Fine!

Brisbane provides free parking for motorbikes. They park on the footpath in specific bays but the bays fill up quickly so the latecomers just park outside the bays, as you do.

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The Caterpillar Line

Mark and I were taking the girls bike riding when they spotted this line of hairy caterpillars. At least they listened to our warnings not to touch.

Project365 [245/365]: Not-shy Spider

There are a lot of spiders in the shelter at the station, and I was getting up and friendly with one that I had spotted a few days earlier. As it turns out, it was either asleep or dead. Its neighbour wasn't so dead and started getting a bit aggressive, so I did what any smart individual would do and got 2cm away with the macro lens. I wasn't aiming so much (I wasn't getting my face that close) so this was a mis-focus but I think it gives the impression it was moving towards me (which it wasn't at this point).

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Seven Hills Tafe #3 Orb

If ever you've wanted or needed a reason to shoot raw, here is one. I arrived late to the location and didn't check my settings before starting to shoot. I thought the shot was a write-off, but with nothing to lose, I fiddled with sliders in Lightroom and ended up with this result.

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Project365 [074/365]: Singapore Food Hall

Our first visit to a food hall in Singapore. I had been feeling rather crook for a few days (started on our last night in Manila). This was the first bit of food I had been able to push past my teeth in three days.

Polar Bear Mucking Around

One of the polar bears was out to play. There is a viewing area above water, and one under water. I stood on tippy toes to get this. We are trying to make best use of our season pass to the theme parks.

Project365 [318/365]: Glasses

This is an optomotrist in Spring Hill that has an obligatory display of glasses. I'm also testing a new app called Pixlromatic on the iPhone (also avail on Android). As is customary, I applied ALL the filters! One thing that Pixlromatic lacks is cropping. I realised later that cropping is avail natively in iOS.

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Passionfruit Cake

Our passionfruit vine is dropping around one passionfruit per day, which is awesome. Lui made a passionfruit cake with passionfruit icing and it was awesome. Lui is also making a cookbook and I'm taking arty foody photographs.

Googly Arnie

Arnie has flexed a little too hard. I saw this in a shop window but didn't want to stick googly eyes on their glass while they were open, so I skulked around after they were shut.

Project365 [231/365]: A Self Portrait

I was editing photos and blog posts, and took this photo with the iPhone. I waited until the sun was shining in a good spot, to add a bit of life to the shot. In the full sized version of the picture you can see each individual pixel on the laptop screen.

Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Thong Wall

I ran past this house while running in the rain. This was the third attempt (first attempt: iPhone through snap-lock bag - blurry; second attempt: at night, nowhere near enough light to focus with).

Mt Coot-tha Lookout

After reading up a bit on street photography, I thought I'd give it a go. PHotographing people at a touristy lookout is 0% "street" but I'm counting it as practice.

Project365 [079/365]: White Tiger

[2011-03-20] For our last full day in Singapore, we went to Singapore Zoo. During the day we went to the normal zoo, and after dark we went to the night safari. We had also planned to visit the bird park but the bus didn't show up. As it turns out, the driver probably skipped our stop - or possibly the entire route. In the end, it meant we had a more relaxing day, spreading our time over two parks rather than three.

Project365 [062/365]: Boomgates

Slightly east of Ebbw Vale station. To the eagle-eyed, yes, there is a trend here - I do catch the train from Ebbw Vale in the morning. Next up - the ticket machine.

Project365 [013/365]: Flooded Cars

[2011-01-13] The dealerships across the road moved all of their new vehicles to higher ground. They left behind the cars that were in for service, and they all drowned.

Evelyn the Conjurer

We headed out to Laidley for the night, and blew some bubbles for Evelyn to chase around. I had planned to shoot some star trails from the lookout on the ridge. It was the first cloudy night for two weeks. Will try again next time we head out there.

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Ray of Sunshine

I was just snapping Evelyn opening the door for herself, and the ray of sunlight did the rest for me.

Project365 [333/365]: Infrared Tree

After reading up some more on how to achieve the false colour effect, the consensus is to take a shot of some foliage, then set the custom white balance using that shot, then continue on.

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There are a bunch of these guys hanging out around the area. They don't squawk a lot, but you can tell they are around when they are eating seeds off the trees - crackle crackle crackle. Identified as Corellas via: Science Direct website

Project365 [263/365]: Spider Web

It was one of the first properly humid nights and dewey mornings of the season and I was walking to the train station. The sun was hitting the spider web from behind at quite the right angle. I had to shoot this through the fence as it was too tall to lean over.

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This is Evelyn's expression: ಠ_ಠ Evelyn was playing about on the motorised toy things while Lui was shopping. Evelyn's not been on one of these when there was money in it, and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Project365 [240/365]: Palm Beach Parklands

Lui, Evelyn, James and I went to see Bob - Grandfather and great-grandfather. Lui researched on ye olde internet and found this place at Palm Beach that was well regarded for food and being child-friendly. I already remember the place as being a great location, but there have been some improvements since I last visited (the cafe being one).

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Project365 [202/365]: Screw just having a foreground, midground and background

On my way to weekly Bridge to Brisbane training, I had no pictures planned, but this shot presented itself to me. I won't say I climbed a fence, because there are signs pointing out that any act like that is against council regulations. I like that there are many planes in the shot, and lots of action - with none of it interfering with the rest. I tried a few different exposure options to make sure the bits that counted had the best exposure (did you know, when you tap to focus on iPhone, it adjusts exposure for that point as well? At least it does in CameraPrime.)

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Up To Yer Elbows

A truck was broken down, centre lane on Kessels Rd, at just the wrong time of day. This mechanic was up to his elbows, trying to get it going again.

Abstract Macro Colour #2

My challenge was "Macro Abstract in Colour" - thanks to @voileta! This one has a little bit more context than the last but hopefully it is abstract enough for the challenge.

Evelyn and Mika

While mucking around at the summit, Evelyn made friends with a little dog named Mika. She also wanted to make friends with a chocolate labrador but by the time I got through asking its owner if it was okay with kids, Evelyn had already run off.


We went to the nursery and aquarium, and I took a few photos at the aquarium. These seahorses were doing whatever seahorses do, I guess.

Project365 [164/365]: Stacked

[2011-06-13] The food court at our local shopping centre was all packed up (at 3pm on a Sunday). A sea of stacked chairs.

Project365 [248/365]: Moss

I walk past a park most days (when I'm not lazy and drive instead), and there is a stone with a great lot of moss on it. I had planned to take a fisheye of the moss but it quickly turned out that that was not the way to go. Luckily fisheye and macro filters are on the same bit of kit, so I got to work with the macro instead.

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Enjoy Action!

I had planned to take a night-time long exposure of this. I took a test shot in the morning that I ended up liking much better, thanks to some lovely morning sun. The guys who painted this on neglected one thing: it's facing east, so is subject to some blistering sunlight. Most things that are pointed east or west on Brisbane/Ipswich Road suffer pretty bad fading.

Project365 [265/365]: Feather

Inspired by this shot by sweett@365project, I picked a feather from the garden* and set it up for a macro photo. * I grow feathers. Next to the nasturtiums. I set up a poor man's light box (without the box), using a flouro light from outside and a sheet of paper to diffuse the light. The paper has provided a neat texture for the background as well.

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Purga Servo #1/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)

Project365 [340/365]: Riverside Water Feature

I went in search of water, and found water. It was very windy so the water fountains were blowing everywhere. I set a custom white-balance using some foliage. I forgot my cable release so maximum exposure was 30 seconds at ISO 1600, though I would have preferred a lower ISO and longer exposure. I'm still waiting for the clouds to go away so I can take a shot with black (blue) sky.

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Project 365 [007/365]: Cicada Shells

Cicada shells. I will award three e-points* to each and every person who can guess what garden appliance this is. Press the Add Comment button below left and leave your name so you can claim your reward. * Not redeemable for cash.

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Project365 [203/365]: Proof that I wash my car...sometimes

It is a notable event when I wash my car, along the lines of Haley's comet coming to visit. I soaped up the car (using my first dollar), and made sure to put a fresh lot of soap on the bits that were in frame before each shot (took 15 in total - was trying to get the shot quickly without annoying those waiting in queue).

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