Infrared Kirra Beach

This was shot using the the infrared and polarising filter stacked together (for darkest sky). This was a 4 minute exposure. There was a surf championship on at Kirra, though the surfers didn't sit still long enough to feature. I have been experimenting with a hack for my camera (400plus). It has a few features like extended exposure bracketing (9 shot), with any length of exposure (instead of the 30 second maximum). It didn't work as I expected it to, but it did go straight to the maximum exposure that I set. I'm sure I just need to read the manual again. I was actually trying to do an HDR as well but it was quite windy and the shots didn't line up (it works okay without it anyway).

Project365 [091/365]: Unlikely Friends

[2011-04-01] Evelyn is obsessed with Bacardi, but the cat has been a bit wary of the squeals and the grabby hands. They are slowly starting to get along, and this picture is one of the first times they've tentatively played together.

Toothbrush Macro

This is for the get-pushed-43 challenge from @nicoleterheide: "for this challenge I want you to keep it closer to home. Find something in your house that you use a lot and make an interesting photo of that. For inspiration take a look at the mundane challenges." I spent a few days thinking about it and came up with this. This is my toothbrush, much used and in my house. It is lit from the side by a torch.

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Project365 [055/365]: Chrysalis

Chrysalis under one of our pineapples. We're checking it out daily to see what comes out. Given I am away for 11 hours of the day and asleep for six, chances are low that I will see it.

Seven Hills TAFE - June #5/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This is a big broken thing. I suppose it was in there in order to get repaired, but it never was. I tried to HDR this but I still haven't got the hang of HDR photography.

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Woodridge Butcher

I pulled up to do a job at this butcher, and saw the opportunity for a snap. I like it, though I can't really express why.

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Roma Street Waterfall #2

This is similar to the last photo, but much closer to the action. Because of the spray from the water hitting the ground, many of the photos did not work out. I also had to keep moving the camera to dry it out, which mucked up the composition (can't compose easily with an R72 filter on the front - it's point and guess).

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Project365 [060/365]: The Red Weed

This is what I imagine the red weed would look like from War of the Worlds. This is at Ebbw Vale station. Creeping... crawling... choking...

Lots of Lines

As the land slopes down from one side of the block to the other, this section of the block is elevated to the first or second floor of the building opposite. There were a reasonable number of people sitting around having lunch on the grounds.

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Purga Servo #1/3

An abandoned and overgrown service station, Ipswich-Boonah Rd, Purga (just before Cunningham Hwy intersection)

Project365 [278/365]: Another Impossible Tree

This is a door to something that is underground, presumably utility-related. I had never noticed the tree growing out from the top of it before. When composing, I wanted to keep the text in the photo as well, as a offset.

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Beachmere Moon

Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots. Taken using my mostly-broken remote-shutter, on for 70 seconds. Extra cuteness points: Evelyn saw this thumbnail in Lightroom and started shouting, "Moon! Moon!" Now whenever she sees the laptop, she wants to see pictures of the moon.

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Project365 [340/365]: Riverside Water Feature

I went in search of water, and found water. It was very windy so the water fountains were blowing everywhere. I set a custom white-balance using some foliage. I forgot my cable release so maximum exposure was 30 seconds at ISO 1600, though I would have preferred a lower ISO and longer exposure. I'm still waiting for the clouds to go away so I can take a shot with black (blue) sky.

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Evelyn the Conjurer

We headed out to Laidley for the night, and blew some bubbles for Evelyn to chase around. I had planned to shoot some star trails from the lookout on the ridge. It was the first cloudy night for two weeks. Will try again next time we head out there.

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Project365 [186/365]: Busted!

I was out attempting to snap the impossible reflection (it was too late in the day - see shot 187/365). About to head back to the office, when I heard a siren and trained my lens on the source (is that a fancy way of saying I had a gawk?)


We went to the nursery and aquarium, and I took a few photos at the aquarium. These seahorses were doing whatever seahorses do, I guess.

Enjoy Action!

I had planned to take a night-time long exposure of this. I took a test shot in the morning that I ended up liking much better, thanks to some lovely morning sun. The guys who painted this on neglected one thing: it's facing east, so is subject to some blistering sunlight. Most things that are pointed east or west on Brisbane/Ipswich Road suffer pretty bad fading.

Miami Facing North

On holiday on the Gold Coast, which gave me an opportunity to head up here at night and take a long exposure facing north. With a ten minute exposure, I wanted to capture a picture of the water smoothed out.

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Project365 [020/365]: Lui and the Sweet Potato

[2011-01-20] Lui harvested some more sweet potatoes. If these things weren't so tasty, they would be considered a weed. They are irrepressible. Examples: I've had a plant grow from a slice put in the compost; and one branch that I mowed over continued to grow from a one-inch fragment - and put out roots.

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Project365 [233/365]: A Trip To The Tip

I set the camera up with my tripod and cable release, and set it to continuously shoot while I went around and emptied the trailer. I had planned the shot so that the tripod would be on the ground on the passenger side of the car. After some morning rain, the ground was rather muddy so I opted to put the tripod on the car roof instead.

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The Caterpillar Line

Mark and I were taking the girls bike riding when they spotted this line of hairy caterpillars. At least they listened to our warnings not to touch.

Project365 [327/365]: The Girls Are Back In Town

Lui's work xmas party was at the pub down the road, so we walked there. I ran ahead so I could photograph the girls walking down the street. I didn't think this would work out that well as I would have preferred to shoot it with the 75-300 but it turned up alright.

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Look Down Look Up Train

This is another idea from the internet: #lookdownlookup. This is taking a photo looking forward, and looking down at your feet.

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Project365 [193/365]: Smiley cookies by Lui

Lui baked some smiley face cookies and wanted me to take a photo for her portfolio. I stood on a chair to take the shot (due to the way our kitchen is laid out, this also gets me out of the light path). Lui's laptop happened to be on the table so I moved it in to the frame rather than out, and Lui had the idea of putting the piping bag in as well to complete the story. The laptop and the cooling trays are both half out-of-frame to

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Googly Kangaroo

These are the Chris Trotter kangaroo sculptures on George Street, with the googly eye treatment.

Project365 [265/365]: Feather

Inspired by this shot by sweett@365project, I picked a feather from the garden* and set it up for a macro photo. * I grow feathers. Next to the nasturtiums. I set up a poor man's light box (without the box), using a flouro light from outside and a sheet of paper to diffuse the light. The paper has provided a neat texture for the background as well.

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Project365 [194/365]: Daymoon

Just walking home from the train station. I saw the nearly full moon and a heap of clouds. I had to hang around for a while for the clouds to move to the right spot.

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Fanning Flying-Fox

It's very hot and the flying foxes were in the trees, fanning themselves. This was a mother with a baby. The internet says these are black flying foxes. I used a high ISO (3200) in order to get a fast shutter speed on this lens.

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Project365 [221/365]: Mural

On my morning bike rides, sometimes I ride past this mural, painted under the Merivale Bridge. This area was cleaned up recently, as before it was generally occupied by homeless people - they've been moved on. I'd had three months to plan this picture, as I first planned it just before winter set in (I generally don't ride in the mornings in winter..brr! Of course, this morning I did ride, and it was 0 degrees when I set out.) I had to choose my angle carefully to avoid too much reflection on the paint (as seen in the top right hand corner of the picture). A polariser would cut that out, but the polariser doesn't work well with the 0.42x filter (the result is completely uneven).

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Old Fire Brigade Sign

This is a sign that caught my eye while driving through Ipswich. I'm normally in a great hurry to get to whereever I'm going so there's no time to stop through here.

Big Shade

It's bloomin' hot. To go for a walk is to hop from shady spot to shady spot.

Friends on the Stairs

BBQ at Russell and Patti's place, and I was practicing using Russell's camera as a second body for shooting his wedding the following week. Ally is a little bit older than Evelyn, and they ran all over the yard together.

Beachmere Startrails

Same spot as last photo. Out of 150 photos (30" exposures, no delay between each exposure), only the first 15 and last 19 shots + darkframe were usable. The middle 116 photos had too many clouds and couldn't be used. Effectively you could consider this to be a 19 shot startrail, because there was such a big gap between the two sets that they are not connected at all. These were assembled in StarStax, which seems to be more advanced than the Startrails program I was using before. Same result though for this application. I did use a darkshot this time (30" exposure with lens cap on) to remove noise - it was super effective. (Recap: Mr Alan Warren invited me along to a gathering of photographers at Beachmere (waaay, waaay away). The shoot started at 3pm but I couldn't break away from home until 8pm and I arrived there at 10pm. Alan came to meet me - I thought it was just at the beach, but it turned out to be a 10 minute walk over beach, mangroves and a wade across a creek! Once there, most of the other photographers were packing up to head home. Alan and Mick stuck around and we took a few more shots.)

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Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Project365 [322/365]: Permanent Mark

This is a permanent survey mark on a bridge near Central Station. I like finding these marks, as you really have to be looking to see them. Part of keeping to the project for me has been walking around the city with eyes peeled, looking for all of the detail that I can find.

Project365 [250/365]: Roof Scratchings

At Central Station there is a clear perspex roof over one section. The amusing thing about a clear perspex roof is eventually it gets scratched to hell, and become brittle and quite not-clear any more.

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Project365 [331/365]: Floating Railing

Part of the reason we want to renovate the verandah is some of the wood at the front has rotted away. Sections of the railing are actually floating, mounted on nothing. I tried photographing this during the day, but shadows caused a nuisance and I am already too sunburnt from other outside exploits. Night time provided a more even lighting opportunity, with this exposure being a shade under 5 minutes. I have read a lot about hot pixels during long exposures but have always just sort of dismissed them. They are really prominent in this shot (pic below).

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Project365 [337/365]: Screwdriver Bits

I lost a Saturday, and by the time I could stand up straight it was night time and I had no photo taken. This is another go-to photo. We have one of those Ikea handles with screwdriver bits, for maximum convenience, and the soft metal gets marked fairly easily.

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Project365 [236/365]: Fig Swallows Fence

The figs in the park were planted in 1870 and are pretty special to look at. I walk past here once a week on my way to Bridge to Brisbane training, but only have my iPhone with me at that point - not much good for taking photos in the dark of a dark tree. So I rode over today during lunch time with a backpack of lenses and made sure I got something to be happy with. I had originally intended to get a fish-eye shot of the roots from floor to sky, but it ended up not looking fantastic.

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Project365 [010/365]: Shoreline Maintenance

[2011-01-10] A day off work today, we drove around and ran errands - visiting businesses that aren't open at weekends. We stopped at West End and saw council dumping boulders in the river. They say it's to maintain the shoreline. These efforts are being confounded by the flooding river - every time a CityCat went past, waves washed over the path. This photo was processed using the ol' dodge and burn tools (AKA adjustment overlays) in Lightroom. See if you can spot the edges!

Mall Snake

This was a demonstration of some wildlife on the centre stage on the mall (I think it was QPWS). I caught the tail end of the presentation where everyone was asked to line up if they wanted to touch the snake.

Project365 [260/365] Jorja Peekaboo

Jorja has been out of sorts, so we went over to lend a chicken sandwich. By the end of the afternoon, she was much beter. I'd like to think that we helped, but it's more likely that she was on the mend anyway 😉

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King Parrots

Lui's grandparents always have seed out for the birds. These king parrots came by - they normally don't hang around for long, but they stayed today to have a squawk at eachother.

Morning Stretch

Not sure if intentional when the lunch room was designed, but the light shone through at just the right angle. I almost dropped my cup of tea.

Project365 [187/365]: Impossible Reflection

I tried a few times to take this photo, but it was too late in the day each time. I ended up taking this at 11.30am (early lunch!) to get the sunlight hitting just the right spot. I also tried from many, many different angles to make sure I had the right one.

Lightpainting Practice

I've spent most of the last week on sick leave, so I've been boning up on some things. Coding is one, and practicing some light painting is the other. This was a combination of a small LED torch and an imitation light saber. I made sure to clean the kitchen first. Writing cursive and backwards a special challenge.

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Selfie SOOC in the City

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. This is a spot between some buildings in the city where I balanced the camera up on my hat, set the self-timer and posed a bit. Passers-by were amused.

Queens Park Piglet

Pig's eye view in the piglet pen of Queens Park. This was taken during a photo lesson and I was demonstrating the act of scatter-shooting without being able to compose properly (leaning over the fence with arms stretched).

Project365 [213/365]: Floodmud Cracks

While walking to training one night, I noticed this dried, cracked mud. This must be the last bit of evidence of flood remaining in the city (the suburbs are a different matter). I tried photographing this at night with the iPhone, but that was a bit silly. Today I rode back with the big camera and did a proper job of it.

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Project365 [309/365]: Dog Goes Sniff

Evelyn and I were visiting Nana and Grandpa, and I knew I wanted to get a shot of Evelyn with Pallas. They spent the day uneasy around eachother - Pallas barking loudly at everything, and Evelyn with the squeals and grabby hands. Once Evelyn (finally) went down for her afternoon nap, Pallas felt brave enough to come over for a sniff. (Edited 2011-11-08 16:31: I posted this to Instagram and liked the effect on there better than the original one.)

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Get Fudged By Jon #2

Jon runs a fudge shop up Tamborine Mountain called Fudge Heaven. This is where the magic happens -- the fudge is absolutely wonderful.

Queens Park Orb #1

After an evening of unsuccessful drain exploring (and really wet shoes), Al and I headed for Queens Park and he did some light painting. I am taking notes.

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This guy was handing out leaflets for personal training, and posed for this photo.

Project365 [184/365]: Evelyn and Trampoline

With the kids party and trampoline, we didn't know if Evelyn was up for playing with the bigger kids but it turned out she was. When I was taking photos, I tried taking them while the door of the netting was open, but it was too hard to get everything lined up. When shooting through netting, I had to be careful that the camera didn't autofocus on the netting and not Evelyn. We went to Thomas and Jorja's first birthday party and put Evelyn on the trampoline. Putting overprotective parent instincts aside, she didn't get trampled by the other kids on the trampoline at the time, and ended up having a ball.