Looking for some ideas?

Sometimes we all we need is a dollop of inspiration. I’m placing a list of challenging ideas on this page – things to try, and things I have tried.

Project 365

Take a photo every day, and post it online. This is a big challenge, but it was worth it for me.
For those who don’t like the idea of committing to this (or can’t), try a Project 52 instead! Pick your best photo of the week and post it.

Running from Camera

A dude sets up his camera on a 10 second timer, then sees how far he can run away before the shutter clicks.

Cat Scan

There are an infinity of photos of cats on the internet, and almost as many videos. If you have a scanner at home and a cat, you can do this.

See also: Other odd things you can do with your scanner.

Critique Someone Else’s Photo

I learned a lot about myself by trying to give meaningful critiques to others. The best site I’ve found for this is photosig.com, a site dedicated to critiques. This is not a place to go if you have a fragile ego – your best efforts will get torn to shreds, but you will learn a lot.

Edit Someone Else’s Photo

If you’re not sure which levers to hit in Lightroom, try grabbing a tutorial and see if you can get the same result. Then if you don’t like the result, mess around with all the levers and see if you can do better!

Star Trails

What you need: a tripod, a cable release / remote shutter, and a clear night.
Two free stacking programs are StarStax (my favourite) and

Panorama / Exposure Stitching

Make pictures that are bigger than a single frame. Can’t go past Hugin for stitching them together.

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