Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

I do 99% of my post processing in Lightroom 5. I love that I can beat out a good edit of an image in a very short amount of time, and work with lots of images quickly.

Almost every image that I work on has a curves adjustment put on it almost straight away, to punch out the contrast. Almost every other image has the clarity set to maximum, to define edges (and some would say, rescue a poorly executed photo).

I am very fond of a few presets that I’ve acquired over time. The main one that I use is:

  • PSKiss-FilmStyleBW-01. Available for free from the PSKiss website as a sampler for their paid products.


Frequently I will use Instagram for the iPhone to belt out some pre-set faux toy camera filtered photos. Instagram is a photo filtering program and social network in one app.

I use Instagram both for photos taken on the iPhone, and photos taken on the DSLR and imported to the iPhone. Instagram tackles both happily. I’m not the only one – the most popular photos on Instagram don’t look like they were taken with an iPhone!

Here are two articles from – initial impressions and impressions 2.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements

If I do any editing, it is in Elements (version 7 for Windows or version 6 for Mac) . It’s not the latest, but it is the version I have and it does the job.

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