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Goodna, Ipswich
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

Shawn invited us all around for BBQ & building a garage. I knew there would be a good photo in it somewhere, and this one presented itself to me. The sky was brilliant blue, but the reflection from the metal meant that Warwick was sufficiently well-lit.

The camera & lens:

Camera: iPhone 4
Lens: iPhone 4 fixed lens (30mm equivalent) @ 3.85mm
Exposure: 1/2000" @ f/2.8, ISO 80

Post processing:

Lightroom - I made only a few adjustments - some fill light, and increase in the blacks lever. Minor curves adjustment to make the sky even more blue (exciting blue rather than slightly dull blue). I upped the noise reduction, because there was a fair bit (surprisingly, given the low ISO). I also did a spot adjustment on Warwick's face as it was in shadow. I couldn't really make it the same exposure as the rest of him without looking totally out of place.

The wash-up:

I'm happy with this. It doesn't really apply in this situation because it was just a "grab a shot then get back to helping", but if this was a planned setup, I could have used a reflector to make sure Warwick's face was properly lit.

What would you do?

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