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Bundamba, Ipswich
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

Opportunistic shot. I tried to get the skid marks (and the torn up grass) in the shot as well as the broken sign. I always have a loud-but-silent laugh to myself at the irony, when a car has taken out a speed sign whilst out of control.

The camera & lens:

Camera: iPhone 4
Lens: iPhone 4 fixed lens (30mm equivalent) @ 77/20mm
Exposure: 1/15" @ f/28/10, ISO 125

Post processing:

Lightroom - I invoked the old "Take a crap photo and turn it B&W to make it interesting" clause on this one. In keeping with the title, I've processed it to be stark, and somewhat imitating the anti-speeding ads (but without the selective colour). Converted to B&W and played with the mixer levels (how much bearing each colour in the source image has on the resulting B&W image) - increasing the green, yellow and red mix so that the grass appeared lighter, as well as the circle on the speed limit sign. Used a fairly mild curve adjustment, though the mid-dark tones are down to -50. Increased the fill light, blacks and clarity, for more contrast (I wanted the blades of grass to stand out a lot. This doesn't work as well in colour mode, as the colour tones get clobbered). A bit of noise reduction to top it off (noisy iPhone pic). I think the result looks like it was taken at midday with harsh overhead sun. It was actually pre-dawn, and the main giveaway is the lack of shadows (the black thing to the left is actually a piece of car).

The wash-up:

If I could have gotten the skid marks in a more prominent spot in the photo, I think it would have worked better. This one is the best of the lot though.

What would you do?

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