Posted Monday, August 1, 2011
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Brisbane City, north bank of the river.
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

While walking to training one night, I noticed this dried, cracked mud. This must be the last bit of evidence of flood remaining in the city (the suburbs are a different matter). I tried photographing this at night with the iPhone, but that was a bit silly. Today I rode back with the big camera and did a proper job of it.

The camera & lens:

Camera: Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
@ 75/1mm
Exposure: 1/50" @ f/71/10, ISO 1600

Post processing:

Lightroom - I added a rather strong curve adjustment to blacken the cracks and lighten the rest. I used the blacks, recovery and clarity bars to deepen the shadows, bring the light areas back under control (after the curves adjustment), and then to define all of the messy, dusty surface.

The wash-up:

I took a lot of different angles to make sure I got the shot I wanted. Most of them were blurry, so probably I would have set the EV to -1 (since I planned to muck about with the contrast anyway, it wouldn't have mattered as much).

I also made some mistakes around where the sweet spot is on this lens (it is f/7.1; except for at 75mm, where any aperture will do and f/4 is sometimes even better).

What would you do?

You are welcome to have a go at editing this photo yourself. When editing in browser, maximum size is 1600x1200px and edits can be saved as a comment if you want to share your work. Go crazy!

If you'd rather, you can download the original/raw image to play with in your own image editor:
Download original file in DNG format Download original file in JPEG format

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3 Responses to “Project365 [213/365]: Floodmud Cracks”

  1. azure

    kinda lame, but as soon as i saw this image i had this vision of getting a red glow to come through the cracks, like cooling lava. i spent a grand total of about 2 minutes doing this because i have no skillz 😀 hopefully someone with better skills than me can take this idea and run with it.


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