Posted Wednesday, August 3, 2011
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Bradfield Bridge, Ipswich
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

This is a manual signal on a seldom-used (and certainly not electrified) train line in North Ipswich. I tried taking this shot a few months ago but I couldn't get a good angle (what I was trying to do last time was get all of the bridge in using the long lens to compress all of the elements - it was just too busy). Today, I tried again and while I don't think I nailed it, it went a little better this time. I tried a few different angles, some with the rail bridge and some without, and decided to pick this one.

Post processing:

Lightroom - Thanks to our beautiful weather and the iPhone's in-camera (...) processing, the sky was already nice, blue and graded. I left most of the levers alone, but added a curve that took the shadows down to black, darks -40, lights +20, and the normal +50 noise reduction. I am not 100% happy with the result but it's okay.

The wash-up:

I might have taken a few steps back to get more of the rail bridge in (but only a little bit more).

What would you do?

You are welcome to have a go at editing this photo yourself. When editing in browser, maximum size is 1600x1200px and edits can be saved as a comment if you want to share your work. Go crazy!

If you'd rather, you can download the original/raw image to play with in your own image editor:
Download original file in JPEG format

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2 Responses to “Project365 [215/365]: Manual Rail Signals”

  1. Al - brizmako@365project


    Just a tighter 3:4 crop to put the tower’s vertical on the right 1/3 line and the base of the signal at the top on the top 1/3 line. Colours/gamma/contrast upped and downed to try and retain the feel of your edited version on 365.

    –AL 🙂


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