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Archerfield Airport
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

I had a few days off work and ended up with a day to myself, so I went on another riding odyssey. I rode from Brisbane city to Eight Mile Plains, intending to ride back. Instead, I changed my mind and cut across to Wacol instead, which took me past Archerfield. In short, this photo was completely unplanned.

For the photo itself, I stood outside the fence and shot through. When shooting over a lot of tarmac, there is a lot of distortion, although that is not what I was aiming for. I was actually trying to get a shot of a plane just about to touch down, or something that looked close to it from my vantage point. I was using AI Servo focus (tracking focus), but it mis-focused most of the time. I believe it is deliberately hobbled in lower models of camera, of which mine was the lowest for the time. The great thing I've found about AI Servo focus is when it does have a hit, it's a beauty.

The camera & lens:

Camera: Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Lens: Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM @ 200mm
Filters: Polariser
Exposure: 1/640" @ f/9, ISO 400

Post processing:

Lightroom - This is a quite severe crop of the original - I was off the property and this plane was touching down at the other end of the runway. I upped the blacks lever (+30) to darken the trees behind, upped the clarity (+50) to give more definition to the distorted plane. My original crop was more centred and I wasn't thinking about the tyre tracks on the runway, but when re-cropping later, it was a happy side-effect that these were well-defined as well. I used a curve that prioritised the lights (+65), while slightly darkening the darks (-10) and shadows (-30), as always to add contrast, and make the painted lines brighter.

The wash-up:

I'm happy with this.

What would you do?

You are welcome to have a go at editing this photo yourself. When editing in browser, maximum size is 1600x1200px and edits can be saved as a comment if you want to share your work. Go crazy!

If you'd rather, you can download the original/raw image to play with in your own image editor:
Download original file in DNG format Download original file in JPEG format

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