Posted Saturday, October 29, 2011
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At home, Ipswich
General location: Australia, South-East Queensland

The Setup:

Something has been eating our strawberries. Lui suspect lizards, however we caught these snail-lets red handed scoffing them.

I picked the strawberry and put it on the BBQ (not the hot plate!) for a photograph. I only managed two shots before it scurried away.

The camera & lens:

Camera: Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
@ 28/1mm
Filters: 0.42x fisheye filter (macro mode)
Exposure: 1/1250" @ f/4/1, ISO 400

Post processing:

Lightroom -

  1. Auto apply a B&W preset I have called "PSKiss-FilmStyleBW-01". It auto applies curves (lights +60, darks -12, shadows -12), brightness +45, contrast +45, clarity +50 and increases the colour mixes in all channels, but mainly green and aqua.
  2. Crop down to isolate subject
  3. Curves: Highlights +35, lights +60, darks +25, shadows -40
  4. Clarity +100, vibrance +100, saturation +20 - all to highlight the pips on the strawberry and slightly shift the input colours for the B&W mix

The wash-up:

I would have used a smaller aperture and used a more neutral table to put it on. As it stood, I was in a hurry to photograph this snail as they all hurried away and hid as soon as I put them down.

I spent a while playing with all sorts of levers to increase contrast, but didn't like the result so I undid it all. Instead I left it mostly at default settings (apart from applying the preset).

What would you do?

You are welcome to have a go at editing this photo yourself. When editing in browser, maximum size is 1600x1200px and edits can be saved as a comment if you want to share your work. Go crazy!

If you'd rather, you can download the original/raw image to play with in your own image editor:
Download original file in DNG format Download original file in JPEG format

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