Start of Project: 2011

The idea of Project 365 is to get out and take at least one photo every day. More info here and here.

I found myself in a bit of a photographic rut in 2010 and I set about hoping to turn this around in 2011.

I love comments and constructive criticism! Please let me know what you think of these and what you think I can do better.

The whole point of this is to learn, have fun, be better, try to see things from a different angle, and to not let another day pass by without being noticed.

When you do a Project 365, you can set your own rules. My rules are as follows:

  • Post one photo per day only
  • Photo must be taken on that day (no filler allowed)
  • No duplicates allowed within the project
  • If a shot was not used for a day (i.e. the runner-up), it could only be used later by going back to the location and shooting it again

Update: 2012

I finished the project and it was super rewarding!
These are the things I got out of it the most:

  • Changed the way I approach shooting. I learned how to plan and execute shots.
  • Met a great bunch of people in the 365project community
  • Radically changed my post-processing workflow (no more procrastinating for months on end)
  • Kept a detailed log of photographic ideas, and an ‘ideas factory’ where unused photos would peer at me and beg to be re-shot later (and better!)
  • Practiced a lot of self-critique. Often I went back and re-did or re-processed a shot instead of facing having to write “I was too lazy to go back and fix this”. Like a mini-conscience!

My statement to anyone thinking of taking this on:
Make sure you know what you hope to get out of it, BEFORE you start. This will help you to focus through the (almost) inevitable moments when you feel like quitting.

Good luck to Ian doing his project this year!

Update: 2013

Good luck to Matt and Erin doing their projects this year!

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