The New Yorker

Seen on my morning run, this is a slightly run-down apartment building in the city. I don't know if the bikes are a permanent fixture, but I approve.

Beach Bike Selfie

Just before setting off on my Surfers Paradise to Ipswich ride (106km), I sat and watched the beach for a bit. This is a still frame taken from video, for my One Second Per Day project.

Project365 [347/365]: Infrared Bike

I saw this scene from the train [yesterday], and thought I could make something of it. I rode my bike there and stacked all of my filters together (NIR R72, polariser and fisheye macro) and set the smallest aperture possible (f/29) to get the longest NIR exposure that I could. The bike being in the way started out as laziness, later became a feature. My cable release is stuffed - I spend more time jiggling it than exposing photos. I paid way too much for it ($10), many years ago. I'm hoping I can find a good $2 replacement from HK/CN.