Ominous Seagull

It's normally a dangerous thing to get under a seagull, but in the bright light they projected good colours through the canvas roof.

King Parrots

Lui's grandparents always have seed out for the birds. These king parrots came by - they normally don't hang around for long, but they stayed today to have a squawk at eachother.

Project365 [267/365]: Galah

Went out for a second try at shooting galahs. There were plenty about though the shots of the group didn't look great (it would have been nice to get a fluke of them all lined up, but that didn't happen). I was actually after a crow shot, as on Thursday there was a cute potential photo of a crow drinking the last drops of water from the bird bath. I filled the bird bath with a dribble of water, but the crows were nowhere to be seen today.

Project365 [247/365]: Finch in the Elms

I went out to shoot some galahs, but as it turns out, they don't look interesting when they're on the ground. The finches are though, and this guy/gal was nestled in some Chinese Elm seedlings (which I need to pull up before they turn in to demon trees).

Project365 [208/365]: Finch

On the street toward the railway, there are lots of fences and hedges that finches love to jump around in. Most days there are many, today there was only one and it wasn't happy about being followed!