Foggitt Jones & Co Ltd, and South-bound Train

I see this shot often and I've been lusting after it for months. Sacrifice: when I'm out for a run, stopping for a minute or two to take this shot means my run-time is going to be rubbish. Worth it, in this case. Result of post-processing has been a slightly HDRish look. Up to the viewer to decide if that is justified - I think it adds to the juxtaposition.

Brisbane Edward Street

View down the hill at Edward St, Brisbane. Waited for all the lights to all synchronise (I was on a pedestrian crossing as well).

Ghosts of Queens Plaza

This was shot for the Street Photography Now challenge 32: "Follow lines of movement for a graphic journey". I'm not sure if this counts as street photography. It is composed of two images, first a 5" shot (using near-infrared filter as an ND filter), and second was a normal daytime exposure.

Brisbane Riverside Panorama

This is my first experiment with Hugin to generate a panorama. The image is made up of 12 source images. I originally shot this as a 9-bracketed exposure HDR as well but that didn't work out so well. Definitely will try the HDR panorama on something else next time.

Project365 [332/365]: Infrared Story Bridge

My R72 filter (infrared only) has been delivered from HK and I've been keen to try it out. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, and I've also been playing it safe with a really small aperture (to allow for the different focus point of IR light).

Project365 [246/365]: Riverfire 2011

The fireworks show to kick off Brisbane's River Festival is always a winner. I was going to set up in my normal secret* location along the north bank of the river, but I had no-one to go with this year. Erin, my old m9 from uni and IRC days said there was plenty of room at their perch at New Farm. I had Evelyn for the day as well (Lui had a day off). Dave (Erin's husband) loaned me his Sigma 10-20mm lens (I was going to use my poor man's super-wide-angle but the Sigma is far superior). The shot I had imagined I would take was of Evelyn's face as the fireworks washed over them. In reality, that would have been far too difficult to do with just me and a tripod so I have deferred that until next year (when Lui can be there to hold Evelyn). For this shot, instead, I lined up the shot so the bridge and fireworks would be in, and then marked up a spot where I would stand with Evelyn and be in the shot, triggering the shutter with the cable release. * Not especially secret, but there are no toilets there (so not good for mummies and daddies) and no fences (so not good for babies).

Project365 [236/365]: Fig Swallows Fence

The figs in the park were planted in 1870 and are pretty special to look at. I walk past here once a week on my way to Bridge to Brisbane training, but only have my iPhone with me at that point - not much good for taking photos in the dark of a dark tree. So I rode over today during lunch time with a backpack of lenses and made sure I got something to be happy with. I had originally intended to get a fish-eye shot of the roots from floor to sky, but it ended up not looking fantastic.

Project365 [235/365]: The Old Windmill, Brisbane

I never get tired of taking distorted photos of things. (That's an exaggeration; I didn't take any for over a year.) This is The Old Windmill in Spring Hill, apparently the oldest (European) structure still standing in Queensland, built in 1828.

Project365 [224/365]: GPO Arch

I had been shooting around the place here, and one day shot this archway and thought it was a good enough setup to try again with the proper camera. While the result was okay with the iPhone, I wanted to use the long lens on the DSLR to compress everything beyond the arch. I received some constructive criticism on the spot when an old guy came up to me and told me I should not be taking photographs with people in them. I gave him something I call a 'half Yao Ming'* and kept shooting - the whole point of coming down at lunch time was to get a decent crowd of people in the shot. * Refer to the Know Your Meme page on the subject - just half as aggressive.

Project365 [187/365]: Impossible Reflection

I tried a few times to take this photo, but it was too late in the day each time. I ended up taking this at 11.30am (early lunch!) to get the sunlight hitting just the right spot. I also tried from many, many different angles to make sure I had the right one.

Project365 [182/365]: Overexposed – Masonic Temple

This was in line with the theme of overexposure, though this was taken at normal exposure and the levels blown out in post-processing. I had planned this for many weeks, but hadn't gotten around to taking it as the lighting was always best after my lunch break. Once the days grew shorter with winter, I was able to snap this.