Project365 [270/365]: Bacardi and Dinner

I set up the tripod next to Bacardi's dinner table and attached the cable release. I gave Bacardi the dinner with one hand and snapped the shutter with the other.

Project365 [063/365]: Stored Bacardi

Bacardi put herself on a small shelf in the cupboard, where the soft things were being stored. I withdrew the photo I had already uploaded for today. The photo was a bit underwelming... and while the possum sculpture is not going anywhere, it is very difficult to get Bacardi to sit still for 1/3 of a second for a photo. I will grab a better pic of the possum soon.


This was achieved using the 50mm f/1.8 lens wide open with the macro filter on the front. This result is quite predictable, but actually getting a good focus lock is not at all.