Five Day Quest #1: My Workspace

+Al Warren has tagged me in the Five Day Quest virus/pyramid scheme. Take one photo of whatever is going on in your life and post it. This kinda ties in with my One Second Per Day video - yes, my video today is of me doing this shot. I set up the tripod and triggered three x 5 second exposures of myself using the remote shutter. +Mick Porter you are the only other photographer that I know on G+, so TAG, YOU'RE IT.

St Mary’s Startrails

Al and I headed over to St Mary's Church to catch some star trails. The front was quite well-lit, and Al managed to make a good picture out of it. I headed around the back to find something that was not so bright. This was still flood-lit but not as much. This is made from 23 exposures, ranging from two minutes to four minutes each, totalling 65 minutes. Around 11.30pm, the floodlights were turned off so I was able to bump up the exposure to four minutes. The stacking method used (lighten) meant the brightest exposure won out.

Motorcycle Panning Triptych

This is for my get-pushed-42 challenge from @noragentian: "What do you think about a panning shot? You can choose if the main object should be sharp or blurred by movement." I went out shooting at Queens Park with my gr8 m8-o-m9 Al Warren. We set out to do star trails, but in between I tried the panning shot. There is a medium sweeping downhill run past the park and the hoons were doing laps. I only saw this motorcyclist once though. I found that I got a better result if I didn't have the camera up to my eye, but just aimed and panned with it at chest level. The triptych processing was Al's idea!

Lighter Than Air

This is in response to a get-pushed challenge from @frida: To take an image that represents 'lighter than air'. This was especially tough. I had this idea in my head but the execution turned out quite different. The coffin is a roving prop that Queensland Rail take to different stations as part of a campaign to stop people crossing the tracks when a train is coming. It is pictured here at Central station - although there are no accessible tracks at Central, a lot of people would be coming from a station where there is a track crossing somewhere. The clouds are from Ebbw Vale station. The idea I had in my head was a cliched image of a grave in the clouds.


Switchbricks is a great place for the kids where they can go nuts with lego. There's so much of it, plus a ramp to race lego cars down and a duplo area. Awesome! See:

My Feet in November/December

Idea copied from My Feet in February by jonne1985/flickr (via Photojojo). The idea is to take a photo of your feet in various interesting places and document your month. I started half-way through November so the name of this image is not quite as snappy. You can view the original size if you are keen (link below/in blog post) (33mb JPEG image).

Ghosts of Queens Plaza

This was shot for the Street Photography Now challenge 32: "Follow lines of movement for a graphic journey". I'm not sure if this counts as street photography. It is composed of two images, first a 5" shot (using near-infrared filter as an ND filter), and second was a normal daytime exposure.

Seven Hills TAFE – June #13/14

Spent an afternoon and evening at the abandoned TAFE. This is a small lecture theatre with small projector room. Al set up a torch in the projector room, and some flashes triggered by his camera. The rest of us set up our cameras along the front row. We then jumped into different seats for each exposure, trying not to (and almost succeeding) double up on seats. Since my camera is the oldest and loudest, we all used its noisy mirror slap as the trigger to move to a new seat for the next exposure. The lecture theatre itself was a bit worse for wear. Aside from the vandalism, the roof had a leak which had rotted away the ceiling and the floor below it. In the dark between shots, Al found that spot, and fell in.

Double Exposure: Police and Graffiti

THIS is what I had in mind when I went searching for double exposure opportunities. One is the Queensland Police HQ on Roma Street, the other is a graffiti covered wall at Bundamba.

Double Exposure: Church and Tree

I have been reading up on double-exposures recently, and wanted to try it out for myself. This is the first one I've tried, and the first time I've combined the new 15-85mm lens with the 0.42x macro filter. The result of combining these two images is not quite what I expected, but now that I sit back and think about it, it is what I was *planning* in my head. It's got a big touch of the "80s special effects" about it - instead of a blend of two images, this is quite plainly one image pasted on top of another.

Seven Hills Tafe #2

Alan Warren, AKA The Best Photographic Buddy A Guy Could Have, obtained permission to be on the property and access these abandoned buildings. I arrived (very) late, and then hung around after everyone else had gone home. This picture is a composite of two shots. I tried a few different ideas, but my attempts to do this in one shot weren't working out. I was starting to get a bit creeped out being along in this place and I didn't have the patience to do a full five minute exposure. The first shot of this composite was me shining the torch directly at the lens for about half a second during a 30 second exposure. When this did not capture any of the ambient scene, I took the second shot with me behind the camera, lighting the scene with the screen of my phone for a 25 second exposure. I then combined them in Photoshop (details below).