RSPCA Lindsey Dog

Lindsey seemed a very anxious dog, and was both intrigued by and scared of Evelyn.


We took Evelyn to visit the RSPCA and see the animals. Here, the dogs that jump up are the ones that are rewarded by visitors with pats.


Sasha is an 18 month old labrador.


Royce was sitting patiently and intently next to the food table, waiting for something tasty to "fall off".

Project365 [309/365]: Dog Goes Sniff

Evelyn and I were visiting Nana and Grandpa, and I knew I wanted to get a shot of Evelyn with Pallas. They spent the day uneasy around eachother - Pallas barking loudly at everything, and Evelyn with the squeals and grabby hands. Once Evelyn (finally) went down for her afternoon nap, Pallas felt brave enough to come over for a sniff. (Edited 2011-11-08 16:31: I posted this to Instagram and liked the effect on there better than the original one.)

Bear Puppy

Deb brought in her new puppy. I think his name is Bear, or something similar indicating how massive he is going to be.