An old gasworks in Newstead. This will eventually be torn down for apartments. Fisheye used to get this all in frame as I was shooting through a fence. This is a 2011 project365 reject shot (I had another shot lined up for the day). I put this in the ideas factory to try to re-shoot later, but never returned to this spot.

My Own Easter Egg Hunt

My get-pushed challenge this week by @3rdxoff was to do a self-portrait SOOC. I don't do many selfies, and it's extremely rare that I'll do a SOOC. Easter egg hunt at Nana's place. I placed the camera behind the broms but the girls would not stand still for a second, and certainly not in frame, so I posed by myself.

Double Exposure: Police and Graffiti

THIS is what I had in mind when I went searching for double exposure opportunities. One is the Queensland Police HQ on Roma Street, the other is a graffiti covered wall at Bundamba.

Double Exposure: Church and Tree

I have been reading up on double-exposures recently, and wanted to try it out for myself. This is the first one I've tried, and the first time I've combined the new 15-85mm lens with the 0.42x macro filter. The result of combining these two images is not quite what I expected, but now that I sit back and think about it, it is what I was *planning* in my head. It's got a big touch of the "80s special effects" about it - instead of a blend of two images, this is quite plainly one image pasted on top of another.

Project365 [347/365]: Infrared Bike

I saw this scene from the train [yesterday], and thought I could make something of it. I rode my bike there and stacked all of my filters together (NIR R72, polariser and fisheye macro) and set the smallest aperture possible (f/29) to get the longest NIR exposure that I could. The bike being in the way started out as laziness, later became a feature. My cable release is stuffed - I spend more time jiggling it than exposing photos. I paid way too much for it ($10), many years ago. I'm hoping I can find a good $2 replacement from HK/CN.

Project365 [298/365]: Fine!

Brisbane provides free parking for motorbikes. They park on the footpath in specific bays but the bays fill up quickly so the latecomers just park outside the bays, as you do.

Project365 [297/365]: Tarball

Yesterday Lui and I dug up two shrubs. They had been in there a long time and what is pictured here was all underground. I did some mattocking and Lui did the digging and levering. This is what I picture when I think 'tarball'.

Project365 [235/365]: The Old Windmill, Brisbane

I never get tired of taking distorted photos of things. (That's an exaggeration; I didn't take any for over a year.) This is The Old Windmill in Spring Hill, apparently the oldest (European) structure still standing in Queensland, built in 1828.

Project365 [233/365]: A Trip To The Tip

I set the camera up with my tripod and cable release, and set it to continuously shoot while I went around and emptied the trailer. I had planned the shot so that the tripod would be on the ground on the passenger side of the car. After some morning rain, the ground was rather muddy so I opted to put the tripod on the car roof instead.

Project365 [174/365]: Sewing

[2011-06-23] Super-Productive Lui is going back to work next week, and is trying to wrap up all of the projects she started over the last year. Here, she is finishing off making cushions for Evelyn's room.

Project365 [087/365]: Fisheye Mirror

[2011-03-28] This is and old, cheap trick I used to use to get a distorted picture - this is using the blind spot mirror on the car. Incidentally, I've added these little $2 mirrors to every car I've had bar the first two. Cue argument about whether this is a good thing...

Project365 [063/365]: Stored Bacardi

Bacardi put herself on a small shelf in the cupboard, where the soft things were being stored. I withdrew the photo I had already uploaded for today. The photo was a bit underwelming... and while the possum sculpture is not going anywhere, it is very difficult to get Bacardi to sit still for 1/3 of a second for a photo. I will grab a better pic of the possum soon.

Project 365 [003/365]: Lawnmower Self-Portrait

Today I attacked the lawn. After the big rains and floods, there have been some decent days of sunshine, but we've always been doing other things on those days. Not long after I set up this shot, the mower's throttle control spring detached, leaving two modes: MAXXXTREME and off (via kill switch). Fixing it meant figuring out how the thing worked. It works now, though revs a bit higher than it did before. Humidity was at about 280% so I packed it in after an hour, but at least we are no longer "those people" on the street with the overgrown front yard.

Project 365 [001/365]: Evelyn

Starting off my Project365 with the most important thing in my life. I was chasing Evelyn around the lounge room with my fisheye lens.