Project365 [019/365]: Flooded Basement

[2011-01-19] My imagination combined with the announcements from the building managers led me to believe that B3 had been filled to the shoulders with flood water. There is a sign up saying we enter at our own risk, and yes, there are a few muddy puddles still in there, but on the whole it was not as bad as all of that. No need to make an insurance claim then. As an aside, there is nowhere to ride as all of the bike paths have washed away.

Project365 [017/365]: Goodna Toybox

[2011-01-17] Goodna Caravan Park (now Goodna Toybox) as seen from the Ipswich Motorway. I was on the rail-replacement bus because the trains still can't go through Goodna.

Project365 [015/365]: Floodmud Phone

Today Shawn, Rachael and I headed down to Goodna St Ives to lend a hand. Mr Surf came along too, and provided power for gurneys. There was some serious mud. All fittings from shops have to come out - all walls, ceilings, stock, paperwork, everything.

Project365 [014/365]: Flooded Maccas

[2011-01-14] As we've been without power for a few days, we've been staying at Shawn & Rachael's at Goodna. Here, the floods were much worse than at Booval. This Maccas went completely under water. Waking up, feeling seedy after bourbons, the Maccas run was not an available option.

Project365 [011/365]: Flood Rising

I headed in to work, but things deteriorated rapidly and I scooted back home at 9.30. This was taken between Goodna and Redbank, a low-lying area that floods easily. Now we have packed up, ready for evacuation, and are keeping an eye on the flood waters. Apparently the water reached the bottom of our street in the '74 floods, and we are a few metres above that. Then again, this flood is predicted to be a few metres above 1974 anyway. We shall see. As at 10.00pm, the evac centre is full but we could drive to higher ground and wait it out in the car if needed.