Redcliffe Jetty #4 – Fog

Photo outing with Al, Mick, Anthony, David and Steve. As fog started to set in over the water and we started to wrap things up, this is the last photo I took for the evening. The lights from The Port of Brisbane were dulled by the fog, whereas features closer in were clear.


Early in the mornings, the perspex walls of the payphone cubicle are fogged up. At any time of day, the petrol station has a very bright priceboard. Combine the two and here we are.

Project365 [241/365]: Foggy Morning

Oh foggy morning! I parked up on Brisbane Road and snapped the passing traffic. This was inspired by a photo I took a couple of years ago of roughly the same thing - though that time, the resulting image had some interesting aspects, but on the whole didn't look good.

Project365 [199/365]: <3 foggy mornings

Walking to the train station, it was a beautiful foggy morning and I was searching for a scene that would make a good photo. This is a football field and I've never noticed spider webs on the fence before, but the water droplets helped point them out to me.

Project365 [185/365]: Foggy Train

Every morning I check for fog before leaving the house, which will decide which station I go to. I don't always go to Ebbw Vale station, but it is much better for capturing this picture. I took bracketed shots to ensure I had a good exposure for working with.