Redcliffe Jetty #3 – Ghost Selfie

Photo outing with Al, Mick, Anthony, David and Steve. During this long exposure, I walked toward the camera with a flashlight and umbrella (it was raining). I moved in a step, pause, step, pause fashion to ensure I my face made it into the shot. Exposure was controlled via intervalometer, with a 30 second delay (for me to get far enough away) then a 30 second exposure. I also used the 2-second delay on-camera, which flashes a light out the front just as it's about to take the shot - this way I knew (in the dark, noisy jetty) when to start making my movements.

Ghosts of Queens Plaza

This was shot for the Street Photography Now challenge 32: "Follow lines of movement for a graphic journey". I'm not sure if this counts as street photography. It is composed of two images, first a 5" shot (using near-infrared filter as an ND filter), and second was a normal daytime exposure.