Swing Glitchography

This is a glitchy image created using iPhone 4's HDR function. It takes two exposures in quick succession, so the trick is to get some movement in between those two exposures. This was try #25 - luckily Evelyn loves being on the swing for a long time. Image is SOOC after its internal processing. 2nd pic shows a bit more of the scene.

Project365 [228/365]: iPhone Go Card Mod – Poor Man’s NFC app

I read up about phones being set up with credit card contactless payment abilities, and though I'm certainly not the first, I thought I'd give it a go (ha ha) with my Go Card. See this Finextra article for my inspiration (link via Yammer). Mine is a much, much lower-tech version, and no warranties were voided! Update 5 Nov 2011: A further link from ITNews. Still a lot more effort and less compatible than my solution! For the photo setup itself, I wanted to get a shot of the phone itself and the Go Card, all in view and in focus. With the close range, and being hand held, the only way I could do this was with the help of the massive depth of field of the fish-eye filter. The lighting is quite even at work, so there were few shadows.