Been finding cicada shells everywhere. Here's one with the insect still in it.


We had some flies, and we have a pet spider. Pet spider is only welcome until she lays eggs... then not welcome.

Toothbrush Macro

This is for the get-pushed-43 challenge from @nicoleterheide: "for this challenge I want you to keep it closer to home. Find something in your house that you use a lot and make an interesting photo of that. For inspiration take a look at the mundane challenges." I spent a few days thinking about it and came up with this. This is my toothbrush, much used and in my house. It is lit from the side by a torch.

Ant Farmers

These are ants that are farming aphids. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

Butterfly and Flower

A butterfly visiting a flower. While shooting an abstract macro, I couldn't resist shooting a non-abstract macro.

Abstract Macro Colour #2

My challenge was "Macro Abstract in Colour" - thanks to @voileta! This one has a little bit more context than the last but hopefully it is abstract enough for the challenge.

Macro Abstact in Colour

This is for the Get Pushed challenge 35. My challenge was "Macro Abstract in Colour" - thanks to @voileta! This certainly was hard to adjust to, as I'm used to drawing particular pictures, even in macro. I guess the trick here is: context - make sure there is none.

Root Scan

Pulling weeds out of the garden, and this weed had grown in gravel. It kept its shape well when pulled out so I threw it on the platter and scanned away. Note to self: Scanner can do 1200 dpi, but Lightroom + 2gb of RAM has a hard time with it. I think this is mainly a RAM issue as the computer just sits there thrashing. When I scan at 600 dpi, there is no problem at all, and the resolution is still high enough.


After a week and a half of rain, mushrooms have popped up in the grass everywhere.

Lime Scan

This was a lemon lime sliced up a day ago. Half was squeezed over fajita meat, the other not needed. This was another one done on the scanner, just for something different.

Fly Scan

This is a fly that flew in to a tupperware tub and stay there. Seemed perfectly preserved, and I've been thinking of more things that I can make a picture via using the scanner. Sometimes the next photographic subject just buzzes up and lands in your lap, so to speak.

Cape Gooseberry Macro

To contrast with the previous photo of pests bothering the Cape Gooseberry, here is a photo of one of the fruit lanterns. The fruit inside is immature, having fallen from the plant too early. I've documented the setup of this photo below. The idea was to get a back-lit shot showing the detail of the lantern and a shadow of the fruit. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="1. Ingredients for this photo: Cape Gooseberry fruit, with lantern in-tact; One small torch; And a tray of spice jars"]1. xxx[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="2. I chose the spice jar tray as it was the first thing that I saw that would let me stand the torch up and balance the fruit on top."]2. xxx[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="3. Turn torch on, and snap bracketed photos. I didn't measure the focusing distance but from memory it's about 5-7cm"]3. xxx[/caption]

Project365 [343/365]: Get A Tan

Today I visited Molescan to have this spot checked. It appeared a year ago and I thought it was a pimple at first, but it never went away. Then it started to change colour, and bleed sometimes. Doctor went "hmm", and decided to remove it. He said it was too early for it to be a problem but it had the potential to turn into something. The photo itself was an interesting challenge that I had been thinking about for a week. I set myself up in the bathroom in front of a full length mirror. With camera mounted on tripod, I aimed the lens at myself and looked at the rear screen via the mirror. I don't have live view but I was able to peek at the photo review to see if I was on the right track. This took about 30 goes to get right.

Project365 [342/365]: Berry Protection

We have some berries planted in the back yard, and in an attempt to stop them turning into a bramble, they are stacked vertically. The first berries of the season are starting to ripen. It looks like this little guy is protecting the berries - at least they haven't been eaten by anything yet. (Must be careful though, last year some of the berries had fruit fly.)

Project365 [310/365]: First Focus Stack

I read about focus stacking and decided to try it for myself. The root here was placed at an angle so that it was not possible to get all of it in focus (even at f/29). The final image is formed from three source photos - one focused on the left, one on the middle and one on the right, and combined using CombineZP.

Project365 [302/365] There’s a Snail in my Strawberry

Something has been eating our strawberries. Lui suspect lizards, however we caught these snail-lets red handed scoffing them. I picked the strawberry and put it on the BBQ (not the hot plate!) for a photograph. I only managed two shots before it scurried away.

Project365 [299/365]: Hibiscus

There are many hibuscus planted around the city and they are in bloom at the moment. My trouble was finding one in a garden that I could climb in to in order to get a macro shot.

Project365 [289/365]: Underbelly

Since summer is coming, we tend to leave the windows open at night (with flyscreens). This beetle was trapped by stupidity. I took the flyscreen off and photographed it in place before it eventually rolled away.

Project365 [288/365]: Ice Sculptures

This is underneath the lid of our ice box (that is, a box of ice in the freezer, not the freezer itself). As it has gone in and out of the freezer over time, water has melted and refrozen into these shapes. Having it out for the few moments to shoot this (combined with my breath) melted the subject.

Project365 [274/365]: Giant Mozzie

After leaving the window open all night last night, I found this massive mozzie up against the window sill. I assume it's a mozzie anyway. It looks like a mozzie.

Project365 [268/365]: Spider and Spiderlets

These little spiderlets have hatched and are ready to take on the world. I set up the bird bath for crows again today, but they did not come out to play, again. So I went looking in the worm farm for some worms, but they were all hiding (I need to feed them more). However lots of spiders make their home in the worm farm as well, so I chose them for a subject. It's quite dark inside the lid of the worm farm, so a bit of phone light helped exposure. The directional light also provided some shadows which work so well with spider shots.

Project365 [265/365]: Feather

Inspired by this shot by sweett@365project, I picked a feather from the garden* and set it up for a macro photo. * I grow feathers. Next to the nasturtiums. I set up a poor man's light box (without the box), using a flouro light from outside and a sheet of paper to diffuse the light. The paper has provided a neat texture for the background as well.

Project365 [256/365]: Sunny Keyhole

When I arrived home, I noticed that there was a strong light shining through the keyhole in the laundry. The setting sun was perfectly lined up to shine through between the surrounding houses. The macro filter is a relatively simple design compared to the other modern lenses that I have and the flare is very unpredictable. Also due to the bright sunlight and flare, the autofocus had a lot of trouble. This shot was one that worked with autofocus but so many shots I just couldn't lock on, so I moved to manual focus and rocked back and forward until I had good focus. I already had a shot for the day but chose this one to keep due to repeatability - there would only be a couple of days per year that this shot would be able to be done.

Project365 [248/365]: Moss

I walk past a park most days (when I'm not lazy and drive instead), and there is a stone with a great lot of moss on it. I had planned to take a fisheye of the moss but it quickly turned out that that was not the way to go. Luckily fisheye and macro filters are on the same bit of kit, so I got to work with the macro instead.