Project365 [228/365]: iPhone Go Card Mod – Poor Man’s NFC app

I read up about phones being set up with credit card contactless payment abilities, and though I'm certainly not the first, I thought I'd give it a go (ha ha) with my Go Card. See this Finextra article for my inspiration (link via Yammer). Mine is a much, much lower-tech version, and no warranties were voided! Update 5 Nov 2011: A further link from ITNews. Still a lot more effort and less compatible than my solution! For the photo setup itself, I wanted to get a shot of the phone itself and the Go Card, all in view and in focus. With the close range, and being hand held, the only way I could do this was with the help of the massive depth of field of the fish-eye filter. The lighting is quite even at work, so there were few shadows.