Ipswich Show Crowd & Ferris Wheel

Ipswich show, crowds on a Saturday night. One of my first long exposures with this camera, and there's a lot to learn and think about for next time. There's two ways to get a shake-free long exposure with this camera: self-timer or use the wifi remote control and smartphone app. I've not had much success with the latter, but I suspect my home wifi was crowding it out. For this shot, I went with the former - the self-timer. The RX100 has a few modes. One I employed this night is the Self-Timer Continuous, which will wait10 seconds, then take 5 photos in a row with no further intervention. I've used this for group portraits as well, but tonight I was using it to stack photos together - or take 5 and pick the best. Only downside to this is there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it - I managed to lock the camera up and had to take the battery out. That happens.

Ipswich Show Spinning Ride

This ride did a lot of moving, so I thought to take some long exposures and stack them together. That didn't work out, but this is one of the 10-second exposures that was going to go into that composition. This is the darkest part of the ride, and people are being spun around on the arms.