Swing Glitchography

This is a glitchy image created using iPhone 4's HDR function. It takes two exposures in quick succession, so the trick is to get some movement in between those two exposures. This was try #25 - luckily Evelyn loves being on the swing for a long time. Image is SOOC after its internal processing. 2nd pic shows a bit more of the scene.

T.P. Turner

A pockmarked sign on a local business building. Building was abandoned after the 2011 floods. This is a 2011 project365 reject shot (I had another shot lined up for the day). I put this in the ideas factory to try to re-shoot later, but never quite re-captured it satisfactorily. The building has since been sold, bought by another company that refurbed it. The whole area is now subject to planning approval to be bulldozed for a Bunnings warehouse.