Foggitt Jones & Co Ltd, and South-bound Train

I see this shot often and I've been lusting after it for months. Sacrifice: when I'm out for a run, stopping for a minute or two to take this shot means my run-time is going to be rubbish. Worth it, in this case. Result of post-processing has been a slightly HDRish look. Up to the viewer to decide if that is justified - I think it adds to the juxtaposition.

Project365 [361/365]: Where The Trains Sleep

We were driving around trying to get Evelyn to sleep on Christmas night (she refused to sleep for five hours - what stamina). The trains were not running on the Ipswich/Rosewood/Richlands lines due to track work. I don't know if the trains are normally parked up here but they were this long weekend.

Project365 [334/365]: Train Racing

This is inspired by @QueenslandRail's post ( on train racing:
Train Racing on 365 Project Train Racing: Pretending the train you’re on is racing the train next to you. Immature? Yes. Fun? Tonnes.
Conveniently for me, the 5.28 Ipswich express and the 5.25 Richlands all stations services race eachother at some point down the line.

Project365 [275/365]: Train Cab

The Workshops Rail Museum had a free-entry weekend so we popped over for a look. This photo was taken on a tour of the steam train workshops. Not long after this, there was a spewpocalypse - the kind where it was better for all concerned that we just packed up and went home to hose everything off.

Project365 [185/365]: Foggy Train

Every morning I check for fog before leaving the house, which will decide which station I go to. I don't always go to Ebbw Vale station, but it is much better for capturing this picture. I took bracketed shots to ensure I had a good exposure for working with.