Point Danger Lightpainting #2

I set up the camera on tripod with a minute delay, and hopped down to the sand to for this photo. I called it off about two minutes in because I was getting bitten on my head by mozzies!

Point Danger Lightpainting #1

I remember these steps from when a group of us stayed at Coolangatta in 2000 (Beach House!). (Actually this is a ramp that has been added since then - the steps were too well-lit.) I set the camera up on tripod and a 30 second delay, then walked down into frame with the light saber during the 3 minute exposure.

Project365 [280/365]: Waves and Rocks

Staying at an apartment up the Sunshine Coast, I thought it would be a great time to get some night-time beach shots. I've also never tried a long exposure of water before. I didn't have my tripod so had to rely on leaning the camera on a railing (using a pen for tilt). I did have my cable release but forgot about it!